Horror and Spooky Comics for October Reading from @kleffnotes

I haven’t done as much comic coverage on The Nerdy Girl Express recently and I thought that Halloween would be the perfect time to share some of my favorites. I have read some horror and horror inspired comics that feel like perfect reads for the spooky season. I also will share a more tangentially spooky read for those who want something a bit less frightening. You will see some previous mentions brought back, but they are just too good to not be in this article.

One of my forever favorite comics is Hack/Slash, which for starters has a bisexual female lead character and I feel like this means everyone should just read it because of that. Beyond that the comic is just a horror lovers dream. Cassie Hack is the daughter of a slasher and that means that her own mother killed others, returned from the dead, and then continued killing. Cassie’s mother loved her too much and that love became distorted and hyper protective. After having to kill her mother the second time Cassie has taken up a nomadic life where she tracks and kills other slashers. There are newly created villains in this series and even appearances from some classics, for example Chucky. The main story has been compiled into massive graphic novels and has also had a couple of sequel runs. One is compiled under Son of Samhain and the other was a Resurrection arc. I have discussed all of these on the site before, but I have re-read this series multiple times and I love Cassie Hack, she was sort of my gateway into reading more comics and exploring the medium. If you are looking for a fun read with a final girl going up against creative monsters you will really enjoy this series.

For those who really enjoyed The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix, my immediate suggestion is that you should check out the comics that inspired the series. The comic do not get a solid ending and there is a cliffhanger, but there are some great stories there. We get a lot of insight into Salem and how familiars are created in this world and we also see some much darker elements. This includes Sabrina’s father being very creepy and way more evil than he ever is in the comics. The art in the comics are also very creepy and really add to the story. As an additional suggestion if you enjoy Sabrina and also Riverdale, there is a comic arc that focuses on the Blossoms, in this case Jason is still alive. In Blossoms 666 Jason and Cheryl are vying to be the antichrist, which leads them to commit terrible deeds and also have to contend with a mysterious older brother who wants the title as well. I had fun reading this story and thought it was a nice twist on the Riverdale/Archie Comics characters.

Another suggestion I have that is more horror is the short run comic, Blackwood. This Image comic focuses on four teenagers who enroll in a school that trains students in the occult. The problem is there are curses, ghosts, and a multitude of other horrors plaguing them. As they try to understand the mysteries around them they are also trying to learn more about themselves and their fellow students. It has been a little bit since I read this series, but I was very invested in it when it was releasing in single issues and made sure to have it on my pull list.

For a lighter read that still involves some ghostly bits for those who don’t really want to read horror is Ghosted in LA. I will admittedly say I haven’t been able to finish this series yet because I had to start reading this digitally through a library based app, but what I have read I have absolutely loved. Daphne Walters moves to LA to go to college and once she gets there she learns the boyfriend that she moved with wants to break up and her roommate is just completely incompatible with her. She is trying to find somewhere to crash that isn’t her dorm and that is when she finds Rycroft Manor and the many ghosts that haunt the place. While ghosts might scare some people Daphne finds herself connecting with them and through these new people she finds herself growing and finding out more about what she truly wants out of life. The art in this book is fantastic and if you are looking for a really good read this one has a little spooky and a lot of heart.

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