Opus of an Angel Review from @kleffnotes

Opus of an Angel has finally found a home with Random Media. After an announcement in Deadline the heartwarming film has been acquired by the company and is currently available on digital platforms. Produced by AZ Films and directed by Ali Zamani, who co-wrote it alongside Shahram Zargari, this touching film is something that will fill you with joy by the end.

Stephen, William McNamara, is a family man who has lost everything. With his life as a successful family man destroyed he goes out on a journey through the City of Angels, exactly one year after everything changed. His ultimate plan is to end the journey at his home and commit suicide, but the world has different plans for him. He meets a young blind girl named Maria, Kaylynn Kubeldis, who is lost and wandering the city by herself. When Stephen can’t find anyone he ultimately takes Maria on his tour with him and her light slowly begins to lessen the darkness surrounding him. After he confronts his own demons he begins to wonder if finding Maria was merely a coincidence or something more.

The character of Maria is played by newcomer to the acting scene, Kaylynn Kubeldis, is actually blind. While this might seem like obvious casting, but shows and movies do not always actually cast blind people to play blind characters. This was something that made me very happy and I thought added to the film. If you are looking for a watch that will make your heart feel lighter and show you the power of a positive connection in a moment where you are at your lowest this is a feature you will enjoy. It is pitch perfect for the current climate and will help those who are still struggling with feeling isolated. You will be able to connect with Stephen and what he is going through internally throughout his journey. You can find Opus of an Angel on a variety of streaming services today.

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