Sip Your Own Spotchka from @kleffnotes

Krista and I had not watched the first season of The Mandalorian, but we kept hearing it was a great show and my wife does love Star Wars so we thought we should finally watch it. We binged the first season right before the second season started and definitely fell in love. I now own far more The Child aka Baby Yoda merchandise than I ever expected, but what we wanted was some sort of drink to enjoy while we watched the show. I did a a little experimenting and we found our own version of spotchka and we thought other people might enjoy our very easy cocktail for Mando Mondays or for new episode Fridays.

This is a remarkably easy drink and you need just two ingredients and your favorite Star Wars cup. We used these really cool cups we found at Big Lots, yes Big Lots. They have been releasing random Star Wars merchandise and the cups we found are roughly like whiskey or scotch type cups. We don’t typically drink liquor, but these cups fit the standard size I see whiskey neat or on the rocks served in. Our cups have the Millennium Falcon and some TIE Fighters looking like they are racing around the rim. I have a picture later in the article that will show them off a bit.

I personally do not use shot glasses often or a means of measuring beyond just sort of eyeballing it so these are not exact measurements. If you use a larger glass you will need to just use more of the two ingredients to get the taste you want. This is an alcoholic drink, but I do have a suggestion for a non-alcoholic version as well. The two ingredients you need for the alcoholic version of Spotchka are Dekuyper’s Island Punch Pucker Schnapps and Sprite, or a lemon-lime soda of your choosing. You start by pouring in a small amount of Dekuyper’s, I am going to say about a shot, and then fill the rest of the glass with Sprite. We did this to taste and it was honestly so good.

Pictured my wife Krista holding The Child/Baby Yoda plush who is reaching out to drink her glass of Spotchka

If you want to make a nod to the eggs, those infamous eggs, you can add fruit snacks to the bottom of the cup. We had some Star Wars ones and they were super tasty. If you want to make a non-alcoholic Spotchka for the younglings you can combine equal parts blue punch, any kind of blue fruit drink will work, and a lemon-lime soda in a cup. I have had something like this before so I can say it is delicious and could even work if you want something fun to drink when you don’t want an alcoholic drink. Let me know if you try this out and definitely share your own pictures, extra points for the addition of a Baby Yoda. I am going to be trying out some more recipes and Star Wars themed things for a little bit so keep your eye out for my other recipe attempts.

Also please note no younglings were allowed to drink Spotchka and our Baby Yoda was under strict adult supervision.

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