Lego Star Wars Holiday Special Thoughts from @kleffnotes

I think my wife’s love of Star Wars has been pretty well documented on the site this week, but for those of you who might not know my wife Krista has loved Star Wars for years. Over the course of our relationship I have become more and more interested in the Star Wars universe. When we saw that there would be a Lego Star Wars Holiday Special the first thing we did was track down the original, which is something truly bizarre, and then we watch reactions. Always Believe, a YouTube channel we both love, has a great video where they watch the original special and we were cracking up when we watched them watching it. On Life Day, November 17th, we made sure to make time to watch the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special and it was so worth it.

To start this Holiday Special has very little in common with the original, which is probably a good thing. Now both are set on Chewie’s home world and his family is involved with the celebration, but this time it isn’t the Woookie who is missing out. Rey has been trying to train Finn to be a Jedi and has been struggling. Her attempts to train have been met with judgmental porgs and some broken tech. While doing some research in the Jedi techs, Rey learns that there is a temple where on Life Day and only Life Day she will be able to learn secrets that can help her to become a better teacher. She finds a key and with it she and BB-8 are able to travel through time to see different masters and apprentices. This allows them to appear in well known moments of Star Wars history, but things go awry when the Emperor learns of Rey and her key. He send Darth Vader to retrieve it for him and timelines start to converge.

We get to see multiple Lukes, double Darth Vaders, various planets, and ultimately Rey and Kylo are reunited briefly. There are some great callbacks to the movies and Krista was very excited when two Hans appeared at the same time. There was just so much happening and it was all just so good. We were laughing throughout and the little nods like Batuu shoutouts and we got to see a number of characters celebrating Life Day, while Rey and then a couple Lukes wound up in some dangerous situations. I particularly liked the BB-8 elements, including Luke having to fix him and then running around with him throughout the Jedi temple. We also get to see Luke drinking blue milk out of a blue milk carton and getting a blue milk mustache. This made me laugh literally every time it happened.

There were also just some great big battle moments that made me smile. Whether you are a huge fan of Star Wars or not there are just so many fun little moments. We are making this a yearly tradition and are really hoping that Disney releases a physical disc we can buy so we can add it to our collection. This is perfect for audiences of all ages and isn’t super tied to a specific non-Star Wars holiday. Life Day has a bit of a Christmas tone to it, but it isn’t overtly Christmas which I appreciate. You can watch The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special on Disney+.

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