A Little Holiday Cheer from @kleffnotes

I thought for a bit of fun during your week I would share a quick list of my go to holiday movies. This list won’t include movies I’ve recently watched, but is focused solely on constant favorites that I make sure to watch every year. I am also going to be including some movies that I only started watching after meeting Krista, she had some holiday favorites of her own that have now become mine.

The first on this quick list is Love Actually, which while a Christmas movie Krista and I do sometimes watch it outside of the holidays. It is the movie that led her to ask me out and that has become sort of a staple of our relationship.

The next one is The Muppet Christmas Carol. I absolutely have to watch this every year and one year in high school I even watched it throughout the fall. There was a good reason though, I was in a production of A Christmas Carol and we watched it a lot while hanging out as a cast.

Movie three is double movie because this is my list and I make the rules. Every year I always watch The Santa Clause and The Santa Clause 2. Those are my favorite ones and I then rant about Judy the Denny’s waitress who refuses to make chocolate milk. It is not that hard Judy and you know there is chocolate syrup in that Denny’s. The second one I just think is cute and I like the rom-com element.

A Year Without a Santa Claus has been one of may favorites for years. Before I owned it I would literally watch the TV Guide/Google depending on the year when it would be on ABC Family, now Freeform, to make sure I didn’t miss it. Now that I own it I normally watch it pretty early in the season and if you haven’t watched it I think it is definitely a classic.

My final default list is It’s Christmas Time Again Charlie Brown. I have no idea if people really watch this one or not, but it is a sequel they did in the 90’s that is made up of vignettes of the characters, with Peppermint Patty and Marcy getting a lot of screen time. It always makes me laugh and has a more silly tone than the original.

Now I do also watch some other movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas, the original Charlie Brown Christmas special, and Elf. The ones I listed are just my go tos. Now after meeting Krista the Christmas movie list grew to includes a few I’d never heard of. The shoutout for most random and fun is the He-Man & She-RA: A Christmas Special. It is so very 80’s and a delight. We also watch The Family Man, Surviving Christmas, The Family Stone, White Christmas, and Holiday Inn. Krista also really likes the remake of A Miracle on 34th Street so that one, never the original, gets thrown into the list. There are definitely more that we watch, but this is just a quick recap of movies I know we will definitely be watching this holiday season.

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