Give a Little This Holiday Season from @kleffnotes

Now this might look like I am asking for site donations, but I am actually writing this to promote some options for donating to some great creators this holiday season. I have mentioned some of these things in previous years, but wanted to highlight some of them again in case you are feeling the giving spirit and want to help them to create even more in the new year.

The first suggestion I have for you is Gay Apparel Clothing, which I do own an item from, and should buy more. I have been eyeing so many pieces, especially the Anti Terf Feminist Club sweatshirt, and have been trying to save up a bit for a gift for myself. You can find some great items and they are such a positive and inclusive site that you should really consider buying something from them, either for yourself or someone else this season.

For my next suggestion is something I recently found on Instagram/Twitter. @transanta is an Instagram account that allows people to find trans youth who are seeking some assistance this holiday season. The account is full of letters that you can look through that include ways to send a gift to a trans youth directly. If you are interested you can check out the account here.

I also back some Patreons for podcasts that I am really dedicated to. These include Lez Hang Out, which I have mentioned multiple times on this site before. Ellie and Leigh are fantastic hosts and are currently working on a podcast musical, while the Patreon does not directly go toward the musical you can still support these two amazing people. They have episodes like Lez-sentials, Should Have Been Gay, and they do some great guest episodes. The other podcast I support is Coming Out with Lauren and Nicole, or Coming Out Pod. Almost every week they have a guest who discusses most often their coming out, but might also discuss topics pertaining to the queer community and their life experiences. I avidly listen to both of these podcasts every week and if you support them you will be directly supporting some great queer content.

This last mention might be a little odd, but if you are on social media, especially Twitter. You can also often find threads for people who are sharing their cash apps and ways to support either their business or a fund they have. If you are open to sending money directly to someone you should give a perusal to your regular social media site and see what you can find.

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