The Marathon Begins: The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones from @kleffnotes

The Marathon has begun!!! Okay, so this marathon isn’t a solid watch of Star Wars all the time, but we are doing what we can with our jobs and our other life obligations. We were able to watch the first two prequel movies, Episodes I and II, over the weekend and then we began our chronological watch of The Clone Wars. The series will get probably a few articles, but I wanted to take some time to chat about just the first two movies in our marathon. Now please keep in mind I am not a Star Wars expert and should be considered basically a Padawan of the Star Wars universe. I mean you could even go with youngling if that feels like the level of knowledge I have.

As first thoughts I want to say I genuinely did not remember either of these movies like at all. I kept thinking I would remember these or parts of them, but really all I remembered was Darth Maul. I remembered a lightsaber battle and then it felt like I was watching a movie I had never seen before. Admittedly I have only seen these movies once each and that was before Revenge of the Sith even released. Krista also mentioned that she hadn’t seen these movies really more than once, though she had retained far more knowledge than I did. Another element that really struck me was how long these movies feel. There is so much exposition and these movies just feel like they took forever. We did admittedly pause them a couple times for bathroom breaks, it was a bit late at night and sometimes my bladder will not commit to anything over 2 hours. There is just so much story that is being fit into these movies and it feels like a lot to follow. I am not going to give actual reviews of these movies here, but instead I am going to break down some thoughts that I had by movie for those who might just want to know what some of my reactions were. These will be in sort of bullet points and not always sentences. These also will very definitely be out of chronological order since I am drafting these days after the fact. Feel free to reach out on Instagram, @kleffgoeverafter, or comment below with your own thoughts.

Episode I:

So Anakin is Force Jesus?

Who approved Jar-Jar’s character and why didn’t we just tweak some things to make him less like he is?

If Anakin is too old to train, are we like training Jedi babies? Are there like little rattle sized sabers they throw around?

Anakin looks so much younger than Padme, he is like a baby!

I am so confused by how we are electing a queen? This is a democracy and we elect very young women to lead? That’s a choice I guess.

How does she change her outfit this many times?!?!?! How much luggage does she bring and just why does she need like 5 outfits at the end of this film?

Someone please tell me what is going on with the lightsabers in this Darth Maul scene. This feels like that cup game and I think I lost the pea somehow.

Darth has some epic presence, why isn’t he in this more?

Pod racing seems so dangerous!! EEEK!!

I really do like that there are more Jedi and I want so much more lightsaber fighting right now!

3PO is naked!!

Okay, I love R-2, just forever love R2.

Episode II:

Well Anakin grew up very quickly, but 10 years!!

I love that Padme has R2, they seem like such a fun pair.

Intense Jedi things!! So much broken glass!

Oh hey, Jedi Mind Trick, that explains the drink now.

Just saying the information can’t exist is really not how libraries and learning work ma’am.

Younglings!! Yoda teacher jokes! Adorable!

I appreciate Padme shutting Anakin down in this argument, she is a Senator and former queen sir!

Padme also sounds like she could be a Jedi, like she seems to get the logic and is trying to ensure they don’t ruin their lives. Which could happen Anakin!!

Oh yes, please let me see these secret clones. And why are we not questioning why they ordered these?

Boba!! I mean Jango…can we tell I’ve watched The Mandalorian more recently than anything else?

So we left Anakin’s mother alone in the desert and just assume she is dead, no one could go look for her again?

Padme is taking this mass murder revelation so much better than I would, did she just not hear him say women and children? He said women and children!


Without R2 I feel like everyone would be doomed.

Battle droid C-3PO, this is a delight.

Oh my…Yoda is amazing!! He is so fast!!

And secret wedding with droid witnesses who are never going to reveal this to anyone because they are the best.

Chloe, our almost 1 year old Rottweiler has been watching along too and her thoughts are a bit different they basically boil down to, “Moms this is so boring! Why are you so boring?” Then she falls asleep for the remaining 95% of the movie.

I really should have taken notes or found time to write this a bit sooner, but I hope you enjoy these little mini thoughts. We are getting deeper into The Clone Wars series and I am very excited to chat about it. We both are really enjoying it and I like seeing more of the characters, plus more Jedi!!

Don’t forget to check out our posts on Instagram on @kleffgoeverafter to get some daily updates of how the marathon is going!

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