We’ve Made It to Clone Wars and I Finally Get It from @kleffnotes

In our marathon we’ve made it into The Clone Wars and are roughly done with season one. I say this because we are watching in chronological order, which has been helped greatly by an article we found online and I’ve linked here. We have made it to the first episode of season two as I write this, but the final episode of season one is later in the chronology. Since Krista and I have both not seen The Clone Wars series I wanted to share some thoughts so far.

I am going to admit right now, and honestly how many people are actually reading this who could be offended, based just on the first two prequel movies I went into The Clone Wars really disliking Anakin. Now he had a terrible childhood and also loses his mother in Attack of the Clones so he has a lot of trauma that has shaped him. This I am sure is part of what causes him to feel a pull to the dark side and is why his anger comes out so frequently in aggressive outburst. He literally killed women and children after the death of his mother, which is something that I still keep wondering why Padme isn’t more shocked by this. In his writing in the two prequels he is sometimes just so whiny, even uses a very whiny tone while complaining about things that gives him this very petulant child sort of vibe.

I knew he was a key part of The Clone Wars series and I was a bit skeptical even though I had heard great things about the series. I can now officially say that I get it and can see why people actually really like Anakin. His character in the series seems more mature and while he may not agree with Obi-Wan or have his own plans, he still acts like an adult. What helps this is that he has his own Padawan. The Clone Wars movie introduces Ahsoka Tano, who I had already seen in The Mandalorian and done a bit of research into just so I would have an okay-ish idea of who she was, and initially Anakin thinks she is Obi-Wan’s new Padawan. Instead she is meant to be his Padawan and in that moment he is meant to take over her training. As we have continued watching we’ve seen Anakin actively teaching Ahsoka lessons related to the war going on around them and being a Jedi. Both of them are a bit more reckless and do make decisions that don’t seem to fully fit the typically Jedi protocols, but they fit well together. Their teacher/student dynamic is also a friendship that grounds them. We are seeing the two of them learning from each other and pushing each other to grow.

Beyond Ahsoka, we get some moments of Anakin and Obi-Wan in a more equal dynamic. They are both leading commands and both have Clone Troopers they are working with. Anakin works more closely with Captain Rex and I enjoy this dynamic as well. Anakin and Obi-Wan are able to communicate in a different way than what sometimes appears in the movies. I have really enjoyed all of Anakin’s dynamics so far and actually find myself really liking him, which I think will help when we make it to Revenge of the Sith. I will be more invested in him and able to experience his shift to the dark side differently. Another element that I like is that we do get to see Anakin and Padme hiding their relationship. The secret love aspect leads to cute touches and sweet moments. I also really like seeing Padme in a more action focused role, which does mirror some of her end of Attack of the Clones action. I am really enjoying the show so far and am really looking forward to watching more of The Clone Wars.

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