The Final Four Episodes of Clone Wars and Revenge of the Sith Timeline from @kleffnotes

Now that Krista and I have made our way through The Clone Wars we also watched Episode III, Revenge of the Sith, pretty immediately afterward. While we were watching the last four episodes of the television series we noticed a few things that stuck out and I thought I would mention them. Even if you’ve never watched The Clone Wars this might be of interest as the four episodes in question take place during the Revenge of the Sith timeline.

When we began the first of the last four episodes Krista and I immediately noticed the difference in the intro sequence. Instead of just showing The Clone Wars they had a LucasFilm Limited logo and there was no recap, which most Clone Wars episodes start with. I also thought the animation looked a bit different, as though they had access to a different editing program or they had tried to add movie-esque sequences, which involved a budget more closely in line with the actual films. Some of the sequences really did look like they belonged in some of the CGI heavier scenes within the Star Wars movie franchise. The timeline has jumped a bit farther and Ahsoka has returned with the Night Owls to push the council to support forces on Mandalore. What is tremendously heartwarming about all of this is that the clone troopers continue to call Ahsoka commander and some have even painted their helmets to match her.

Since she is no longer part of the Grand Army of the Republic, Ahsoka is joined by a newly promoted Commander Rex on a mission to Mandalore. During this time we watch as she fights Darth Maul, who informs her that he had not expected her, but rather Anakin and Obi-Wan. He had hoped to kill her former master and stop the plans of Lord Sidious, but when he tries to convince Ahsoka to join him she refuses. We then watch him be captured and both the Sith and former Jedi are on the same ship when Commander Rex receives the Order 66 command. At that point everything shifts. We watch as Rex attempts to kill Ahsoka, but in this moment he also tries to help her. He tells her to find Fives, who is a clone that learned the secret of the inhibitor chip and tried to warn the Jedi. After watching a video file Ahsoka focuses on getting the chip out of Rex. She also helps Maul escape, solely because she needs him to act as a distraction.

While all of this is happening Ahsoka has a terrible vision of what Anakin has/will do, this involves audio from Revenge of the Sith where Anakin chooses to save Palpatine and join him instead of allowing Mace Windu to kill the Sith Lord. Ahsoka and Rex must fight for their survival and ultimately the ship they are on crashes, killing clones who were not killed by Maul. Though they might be trying to kill her Ahsoka refuses to be the direct cause of their death. Once the ship crashes we see that Rex and Ahsoka have buried the clones and used their helmets as markers. The moon they crashed on appears later and we believe it was Hoth. It is now fully covered in snow and Darth Vader appears. He finds one of Ahsoka’s saber and the last thing we see is a cracked and snow covered Ahsoka trooper helmet.

What made the timeline of these episodes interesting is that it is actively taking place during the events of Revenge of the Sith. We see a meeting with the exact same dialogue happen between Ahsoka and the council, though in Revenge of the Sith you do not see Ahsoka. We also hear audio from the movie, which was something I previously mentioned. While it would be very hard these episodes nest inside Episode III so if you try really hard you could probably sync them up to watch the movie with these events in the right places. I enjoyed watching them before Revenge of the Sith, but I would recommend if you are new to Star Wars and just now watching the Prequels you should watch Revenge of the Sith and then watch the last four episodes of Clone Wars. I am very excited to see Ahsoka in Rebels and what her life is like after the events of Revenge of the Sith. She also has Darth Maul to contend with, which I am really excited about.

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