Reasons for Delays in Our Star Wars Marathon from @kleffnotes

I thought I would share some of the reasons behind out Star Wars marathon delay. Krista and I had planned to focus solely on Star Wars in January and we then realized into February because there is just so much to watch. We were going strong when we made it through the Prequels and Clone Wars, but wound up stalling at Solo. We both love Solo and there is a reason this one keeps getting pushed out, which means the whole marathon gets pushed.

During one of our long distance dates, we were long distance for a while, and would try and hold off seeing certain movies so that we could experience them together, we were able to see Solo. Krista’s favorite character is Han Solo and she wound up leaving the movie loving it. We have merch, we have clothes, we honestly have a lot of Solo focused things because we both enjoyed it so much. We had wanted to do something big for this one, I have mentioned this before. Beyond wanting to make sure that we could really do it right for Solo, we have also had some other things that have caused delays.

I randomly got a bit sick and was having some issues with my asthma. I also sporadically had headaches because of weather. I get storm front migraines and they are the absolute worst, but they pop up whenever major storms roll in and it keeps snowing in New York. Krista has also been very busy with work and has had on call weeks that can also cause delays in watching things. The other major change was our couch. We needed a bigger couch, our dogs couldn’t fit and we were a bit crammed whenever we had guests over, and we had to move our existing couch into our upstairs. In a living my best Belle life we have a library in our house and we wanted a couch up there and it was not an easy shift to get this thing up our stairs. We now don’t have a couch in our living room, at least until Thursday. This has meant additionally pushing out doing a big movie night because we don’t really have a comfortable place to sit long term.

The plan is to celebrate our new couch by doing our big Solo movie night with themed food, drinks, and hopefully some board games/activities. We have Solo Monopoly and the Lego Speeder that I really want to try putting it together. I have never really been into building with Lego(Legos? How does that work internet?), but this one seems too fun to pass up. It also comes with a Han and Qi’ra figure, which is kind of really why I want to get it opened and put together. The plan is to post an article about our big Solo night and really hoping people will enjoy it. My goal for this weekend is to start Rebels because I definitely need more Ahsoka and Darth Maul in my life. We promise the marathon is continuing and we have plenty of snacks and fun things to share once we get farther into the franchise.

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