Solo Night Revisited from @kleffnotes

After a bit of a delay, and by a bit I mean almost a full month, Krista and I are back in the swing of our Star Wars marathon. We kept putting off watching Solo, which I explained a few times, but if you missed those articles we wanted to have a very themed night to celebrate Solo: A Star Wars Story and it took some time to find the right night. On Thursday, March 4th, we finally had the time and the energy to get our act together and celebrate Solo. This involved themed food, drinks, and outfits with a brief unexpected migraine, but that at least didn’t hit headache peak until after we finished the movie.

To begin the evening I did a bit of running around. My hair had done odd things so I wound up taking a shower and then getting dressed in part of my Qi’ra inspired outfit. This also involved a HerUniverse shirt we found the week before at Hot Topic. Then it was onto dinner prep and baking. I had promised to make our version of dark side cookies. They are really just double chocolate cookies that I make from a mix. I had those going and then plugged in the Millennium Falcon waffle maker, which is the vital part of the theme. I used a Bisquick waffle mix recipe and then Krista had to help me find her some syrup. We apparently only had some tiny bottles from some food we brought home ages ago from Cracker Barrel.

Image is of a Millennium Falcon waffle on a black plate, Millennium Falcon waffle maker and a bowl with two visible sunny side up eggs.

With waffles going, I made three, I moved onto microwaving some hash for us to share and getting some eggs made. They were sunnyside up and one of my favorite ways to have eggs. With food prepped and a couple minutes devoted to putting on a little makeup, Krista changed into her Han Solo jacket and I threw on my Qi’ra jacket for some themed photos. I also had Krista take a couple extras of me in the shirt from Hot Topic. We then got situated to watch the movie, but before we started it I made us some quick cocktails. The major element of this was that we used Denny’s cups that had Han and Qi’ra on them. The cocktails themselves were pretty easy and just involved non-alcoholic sparkling cider and some elderflower liquor.

Image is of two Denny’s cups, one with a picture of Han with an orange background and the other showing Qi’ra on a purple background. Both have plastic Millennium Falcon lids and the Millennium Falcon waffle maker.

The next part of the evening was actually eating the food and then cuddling together to finish the movie. This is about the part in the evening that my migraine started to really kick in and while I could finish the movie I then went to bed. Thankfully by the morning my head was much better, but it did keep us from doing a couple things that we had planned. This means we still have a Lego set to build and some Solo themed games to play. You should definitely keep an eye on Instagram, kleffgoeverafter, to see what we get up to for the marathon and for some more Solo things.

Image is of Katherine and Krista standing together with their heads touching. Krista is dressed like Qi’ra and Krista is wearing a Han Solo jacket.

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