Ronto Wraps and the Peril of Home Cooking a Park Favorite from @kleffnotes

With no knowledge of what an actual ronto warp tastes like and only a limited number of resources I attempted to make the park favorite at home. The one benefit of never having eaten one before I have no idea what they should actually taste like. For those who have been here for a while you might be wondering how I was even eating a ronto wrap, well in the past few months I’ve started eating some meat. Krista has always eaten meat and it has been easier to do some meals that involve meat. I don’t eat a lot of it and I prefer chicken if I do eat meat, but we thought we would give ronto wraps a try and the recipe is mostly pork.

After some Googling Krista found an article online that gave a breakdown of what should work for making a ronto wrap at home. Now the article was a bit odd, mostly because it didn’t list a recipe, but instead ingredients and how they could be combined with recommendations on how to cook them and the brands to use. What we wound up buying included a pork loin, a coleslaw kit, pita bread, pork sausage, and a parmesan ranch dressing. Now I will say the recipe asked for a certain time of sausage, but we couldn’t find it. We also bought pita bread that was pre-cut so we didn’t have the full circle to work with.

The ingredients we did have were a bit foreign to me, mostly because even with the help of directions on the pork loin I was very out of my element. It insisted it should take at max 40 minutes to cook the loin so I worked on timing the meal to that 40 minutes. I put it in and made coleslaw. Krista said it should be acidic so I made sure to add in vinegar and some other seasonings. I then let that sit in the fridge. I then worked on getting the sausage cooked and when I went to check the pork it was nowhere near done. That thing took close to an hour longer than planned. This meant the sausage and the pita, I had been trying to warm them in the oven, kept having to be heated. Eventually I broke down and put the pork in the microwave just to try and get it to the correct internal temp. Finally the pork loin was done.

Image is of the put together ronto wrap on a blue Star Wars plate

I then cut up the loin and managed to fit about one piece per pita with some slaw, the ranch, and a cut in half sausage sticking out of it. This looked nothing like a real ronto wrap or the versions people have made at home. Krista and I both tried it and it was pretty good, the sausage though was weird to try and eat and not great. We made second pitas without the sausage and those were really tasty. I would actually make those again, even thought they were really just pork loin, coleslaw, and some ranch dressing. We definitely want to try actual ronto wraps and it is top on our list for when we actually get to go to Galaxy’s Edge. At least we managed to make something that was pretty tasty, even if it wasn’t remotely close to the real thing.

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