And Then We Screamed Gay Fred in Excitement from @kleffnotes

Krista has been introducing me to a number of legal shows and we recently got caught up on All Rise. Now we are stuck waiting for weekly episodes and this week a new episode dropped that did not disappoint. For those who don’t know, All Rise is a series focused primarily on Judge Lola Carmichael who has recently been made a judge in Los Angeles. In the second season they have had to adapt like most shows to Covid restrictions and the actor who plays Lola, Simone Missick is frequently shown through screens or away from the rest of the cast. This most recent episode is odd because she doesn’t appear at all. They don’t explain why, but since she is not present this allows for a focus on a different judge, Lisa Benner.

The most recent episode, Georgia, involves a few plots, but the primary plot is tied to a Judge Lisa Benner, Marg Helgenberger. With so much backlog and her work having become even more stressful than normal, Lisa is understandable a bit overwhelmed. Beyond that her long time partner broke up with her and now she is trying to get back on the dating scene. This is made even more complicated by social distancing. While picking up her dry cleaning she drops her bag and a woman(in a mask) helps her by grabbing a rolling away lipstick. The scene is flirty, but Lisa gets a call and the mystery woman disappears.

After this moment Lisa has court and then winds up in a discussion about a seminar and session that all of the judges are required to take part in. Lola though is allowed to have a transcriptionist take notes for her. While arguing with a male judge, I mention that for a reason, about how required this even in. The doctor who will be leading the event appears, when Lisa introduces herself the woman says she has already met her. With her mask raised back up, Lisa realizes this is the woman she met outside of her dry cleaner’s. Lisa has a trial and while she can attend some of the unconscious bias seminar she keeps being called away. She is also supposed to meet with the doctor, played by Amy Acker, but when she sees her talking with the male judge she starts distancing herself. In a very Lola-esque move, Lisa hides in the court stairwell and has to be convinced to go to her meeting by Miss Kansky. The meeting between Lisa and Georgia, Amy Acker’s character, goes well and the two make plans to call each other.

These calls eventually turn into a socially distanced dinner and Georgia woos Lisa by having planned a special movie night in her massive backyard of The Big Sleep. The two ultimately wind up holding hands while in Adirondack chairs and eating popcorn. Now the reason for this title is that no matter what other roles Krista and I have seen Amy Acker in we always refer to her as Fred, which was her role on Angel. As soon as I heard her voice I said “Fred!” and then when the flirting started Krista and I simultaneously said “Gay Fred, Gay Fred!!” and then we were shouting loudly as soon as we realized she definitely was going to be part of a romantic plot for a lead female character. I am hoping that we get to see much more of her throughout the rest of this season, especially since we both love the show and Amy Acker already. Let me know if you’ve been watching All Rise and your thoughts on the new introduction of Amy Acker to the cast.

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