Harley the Dog Updates and A Bit of a Holiday from @kleffnotes

Since I’m pretty sure everyone loves dogs and especially rescue dogs, I thought I would give y’all an update on Harley, the most recent addition to our family. If you haven’t seen the first article I did, you can give it a read, but as a quick recap Krista and I rescued a dog from a kill shelter in North Carolina and her name is Harley. She has been adjusting to her new life and I thought I’d share some of the strides she has made.

We have made a plan for feeding Harley, which will be a process that changes over time. She currently is a bit food aggressive, which is very common for strays. If she is eating or has just finished eating and realizes there is more food in her area she becomes possessive around other animals. If she eats in an enclosed space or outside on our porch she is fine and will eat with no issue and after if she see a cat, they are the most common attempted food stealers in our house, she doesn’t care. She also has realized that there are treats, which she isn’t as aggressive with, but has determined she loves more than food. Currently we also can’t eat around her, though for an odd reason. She is fine while you are actively eating, but if anything sits out she becomes possessive of the area because she knows there are scraps. She only growls in that situation, but it isn’t ideal with cats wandering the house. The cats really don’t understand personal space and I have had a cat literally shove his head into a bowl I am holding so I can understand the desire to growl.

In terms of other family members, when no food is around Harley loves the cats. She will headbutt them, lick them, cuddle with them. I have even seen her attempt to get them to play with her, though Oliver was not amused with the play barking and bowing she was doing. He might be her favorite, the very first day she came home she nuzzled him and let him crawl around her even though the two younger cats were making her nervous. We actually think she wants Binx to be her puppy because she keeps trying to have him near her when she sees him. In case that seems odd we know she has had puppies and we think she was used as a breeding dog so has some maternal tendencies.

We also have more family news, Harley has met Chloe! We took her to see Chloe, who is currently at a stay and train session. Bruni and Chloe had some specific things that Krista and I needed help training them on and we already had Chloe going to a fun training day care that she loves. This program is through them and they keep the dogs at their home and train them throughout the day and also work on diagnosing some things that we can’t. This includes reasons for certain behavior and possible health concerns. Chloe is one of their star pups and she got to meet Harley and they played for two hours. Bruni will meet her soon, but they both have a little anxiety around new dogs so the trainers are working up to it. Krista will be doing a training day with them and Harley to get ready for the last meet and greet. We have high hopes since he loves Chloe and we think will really like Harley.

As a final portion of this article I wanted to say I am taking a tiny vacation. With the holiday weekend coming up I wanted to take some time to enjoy being with Harley and Krista. We both get Monday off and we are making some casual plans. I will be back with articles on June 1st so until then I hope you have a great weekend and get to have some fun yourself. Also Happy early Birthday to my mom, who I will at least get to see virtually this weekend.

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