Podcast Suggestions from @kleffnotes

I have become really involved with listening to podcasts over the last couple of years. I actually think that’s pretty common for people in general, it feels like podcasts have sort of exploded within that time and more and more appear every day. I thought I would share the podcasts that I’m going to continue listening to this year as well as two that I know are tying up or have tied up. Continue reading “Podcast Suggestions from @kleffnotes”

Fangirl Freakouts: Gotham Arcade ( @GothamArcade ) from @kleffnotes

While listening to one of my weekly podcasts, Lez Hang Out, I learned about a very cool comics and video games podcast that I very quickly worked to catch up on. I share my thoughts on Gotham Arcade in this week’s Fangirl Freakouts. Continue reading “Fangirl Freakouts: Gotham Arcade ( @GothamArcade ) from @kleffnotes”