Kleffnotes Guide to @Killjoys Season 3 Episode 5 from @kleffnotes

Attack on the RAC! Dutch leads a mission to take out the hullen, but things don’t go as planned. I recap and react to everything from last night’s episode of Killjoys in this latest Kleffnotes Guide. Continue reading “Kleffnotes Guide to @Killjoys Season 3 Episode 5 from @kleffnotes”

Interview with @kelmccormack from @Killjoys with @kleffnotes

I was able to chat with Kelly McCormack, who plays the brand new member of Team Awesome Force in the third season of Killjoys Zeph. She shared her experiences on the series as well as some details about some of her other projects. I’d like to thank Kelly for chatting with me and I look forward to seeing more of her on Killjoys this season. Continue reading “Interview with @kelmccormack from @Killjoys with @kleffnotes”

Interview with @EmPiggford from @Killjoys and @TMDJ_Series with @kleffnotes

I had the amazing opportunity to chat with the very talented Emily Piggford. She starred in the second season of a webseries I adored, That’s My DJ, and was recently announced as a new cast member for the third season of the immensely popular sci-fi series, Killjoys. I’d like to thank her again for speaking with me and I can’t wait to see her in Killjoys, which starts June 30th on Syfy and Space.
Continue reading “Interview with @EmPiggford from @Killjoys and @TMDJ_Series with @kleffnotes”

The Magicians is Back! ( @MagiciansSyfy ) from @kleffnotes

We return to Fillory with the debut of the second season of The Magicians airing tonight on Syfy. With the finale of season one I’ve been desperate for more episodes and I didn’t even watch the first season live. I finished binging over the winter holidays, but for those of you who watched season one as it aired I can’t even imagine how intense your anticipation levels must have been. With all of us at peak excitement let’s chat about what’s to come. Continue reading “The Magicians is Back! ( @MagiciansSyfy ) from @kleffnotes”

Fangirl Freakouts: The Magicians ( @MagiciansSyfy @Syfy ) from @kleffnotes

How did it take me this long to watch The Magicians?! After finally checking out the first season of this show I wanted to share my thoughts with all of you. I sing, I make awkward hand motions, and I randomly get hung up on the topic of grad school in this Fangirl Freakouts video. Continue reading “Fangirl Freakouts: The Magicians ( @MagiciansSyfy @Syfy ) from @kleffnotes”

Examining an Episode from The Twilight Zone Marathon on @Syfy “A Thing About Machines” from @kleffnotes

Have you ever felt like your phone was glitching solely to inconvenience you? Maybe that your computer didn’t seem to be loading because you had something really important to do? Even though the marathon ended earlier this week I still wanted to devote some time to some of my favorite episodes. In this episode examination from The Twilight Zone Marathon on Syfy I’ll be discussing the technophobic Bartlett Finchley and “A Thing About Machines.” Continue reading “Examining an Episode from The Twilight Zone Marathon on @Syfy “A Thing About Machines” from @kleffnotes”