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Yesterday Twitter, the social media I’m on the most, blew up with news about a live action version of The Little Mermaid. As The Nerdy Girl Express’ resident mermaid, I do a mean hair flip and I sometimes sing, it became my duty to find out the facts. If you are a Disney fan you should check out what I found out.

I had no idea that any studios were planning this movie, but according to The Verge, Universal has been working on creating a live action version of the Disney classic. They revealed that Chloe Grace Moretz, I know her from the Kick Ass movies, will be playing the iconic character Ariel. There isn’t a release date for this movie and currently they are still in talks to determine who will write the original script, though Richard Curtis is the biggest front runner it seems.

Chloe Moretz

With just the actress playing Ariel revealed I thought it would be fun to do some guessing about who could play some of the other characters. These aren’t official castings just some actors who I think would fit with the characters as I remember them from the original movie.

For Prince Eric my pick is Darren Criss. He was in Glee as Blaine and recently just showed up as a hipster in American Horror Story: Hotel. He has the right hair and if they add musical numbers for Eric he would definitely be able to do them.Prince Eric Darren Criss

Sticking with the humans, I would love Stanley Tucci to be in this movie as Eric’s butler, Grimsby. I really like Stanley Tucci and I think he would be great in this movie, he totally doesn’t look like Grimsby, but he’s Stanley Tucci, he can do anything he wants.

Eric's Butler Stanley Tucci

I’m not sure how they’ll work Flounder or Sebastian in this movie or if they’ll include them at all. They could change the story a lot since it’s Universal’s version of The Little Mermaid. I’m not going to attempt to cast them, but I think that King Triton and Ursula will still be in this movie somehow. For King Triton my first thought was Jeff Bridges. He just looks a lot like the cartoon Triton to me and I think he would be able to perform him well.

King Triton Jeff Bridges

For Ursula the immediate person I thought of was Retta. She plays Donna in Parks and Rec and I honestly just think she is amazing. She live tweets Orphan Black and even moderated their Comic Con panel, which is just so cool. I think she could pull off Ursula because of her ability to command a scene.

Ursula Retta

Those are my casting suggestions, but I would love to hear yours. You can comment below or tweet at us, @thenerdygirlexp, to tell us what you think about the creation of a live action Little Mermaid and who you’d like to see in it. You can also tweet at me, @kleffnotes. You can find me on my blog,, YouTube, kleffnotes, and sometimes on Periscope, @kleffnotes.

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