‘Now’ is the Time for Filler – TWD Recap&Review

The fifth episode of The Walking Dead aired Sunday and while the past four have been action packed nail biters and one really great character exploration, this one did not measure up. There were a few saving grace scenes that helped limp it along. Be warned, SPOILERS are below.

We start off with Rick running and dodging a huge mob of walkers, all of them heading straight for Alexandria. Rick is able to escape them and they shut the gates not allowing any of the walkers in. I couldn’t figure out what bothered me about this scene until Rick was making his speech about how the fence would hold and they had repaired the broken part the semi had made. When did they do this? Most of the Alexandrians are still wandering around. They haven’t even collected all of the dead. Why did the writers cheat us out of that awesomeness of can the Alexandrians come together and fix the wall before the walkers come in? It would have been the perfect chance to give them coming together and being stronger. Plus we all completely got cheated out of the cliffhanger of Rick and the non-starting RV. We just get him already at the gates. What a rip off.

There are a lot of speeches in this episode. Rick makes a long one. Jessie makes one. Spencer makes one. Maggie makes one. Everyone gets to have a speech pretty much. It makes for a slow episode. I didn’t much care for Rick’s speech. It was more of the same stuff he’s been saying the past episodes. I did see other like Aaron taking responsibilities for their actions (he had left his pack out and believes this is why the wolves attacked) in front of everyone. Except Rick, because it was his plan to move the walkers and his decision for it not to be a practice run, but the real thing without asking/telling anyone beforehand. He just stands there and lets everyone else feel guilty. Also he is weirdly not perturbed at random people they never knew about attacking Alexandria and killing off half of them. He’s just all, whatev’s we’ll deal later I have people still out there. Alright then. I was side eyeing him really hard though.

I also felt wrong footed that at this time and the entire episode there was no Carol, Michonne or Morgan. Anywhere. We get one scene of Michonne in a crowd and that’s it. Where was Carol talking to Rick about what went down? Where were Michonne and Morgan helping people? Also Abraham? Rosita? Eugene? Father Gabriel? They were all gone and they were badly needed.

We do get a scene at the pantry where random Alexandrians are trying to steal food and Spencer comes by and makes them all feel guilty. His speech went on a bit too long, but he did make some very good points. One that this will be the point they all remember where everything started to fall apart if they stole the food and two that while he did mess up some, he also did some right things and where were all of them? It helps to enforce that the Alexandrians have to start doing things for themselves, especially when things get rough.

Of course Spencer then takes all that goodwill he just made with the audience and throws it out the window when he is incredibly cruel to his mother Deanna, blaming her for everyone’s deaths. She is already fragile and still in shock and he pulls that on her too. He probably does it because he’s drunk and eating food HE STOLE FROM THE PANTRY. Raise your hand if you hope Spencer gets it like his brother did-the sooner the better?

Deanna gets some screen time as well. I really didn’t think she was going to make it through this episode and I still don’t know if she’ll make it through the season. She has had zero time to grieve for her son and husband’s deaths, the wolves attacked and killed more people, walkers have them surrounded and her last living relative is a drunken douchebag. My point is Deanna is stressed out. At one point she furiously starts writing on a blueprint and it’s where she writes in where she wanted things to go in Alexandria. Farming plots, energy, schools, a medical facility, etc. How she wanted to make Alexandria not only a safe spot, but a stronghold for humanity to carry on. I don’t think she believes in that possibility anymore. It felt like that blueprint was some kind of will and testament Deanna was creating.

Later she is attacked by a walker that was one of the dead wolves no one had found yet. She drops the extra food she had been taking to the pantry and picks up a broken bottle and proceeds to stab the walker a lot. She never goes for the head and I’ve seen a lot of people yell that Deanna is the last person to not know how to kill a walkers, but I got the feeling it was more her letting out frustrations at this monster attacking her when she keeps trying to do good. We’ll see how well she copes in the coming episodes.

We see some more of Jessie this episode. I like her character so far; you can see how she understands where Rick and crew are coming from but is also still a good, moral person. We see her trying to get her youngest son out of his room (who is now terrified since the wolves attacked and won’t come down because Carol threatening to kidnap him and tie him to a tree so walkers could slowly devour him wasn’t scary enough). She also comes up on a neighbor that has turned walker in her home. She takes her out by barely poking her eye ball (no really it looked like she barely stabbed her at all) and then she makes a speech about how they all have to get it. She does it in a non-threatening, non-crazy way that the town people seem to actually listen to (take note of that Rick Grimes).

The Talking Dead later revealed that the walker woman was David’s (the Alexandrian who wrote the note to her that Michonne refused to deliver) wife. She killed herself knowing she would never see David again. I wish they had worked that into the actual show somehow.

Jessie’s older son Ron is up to mischief this episode. I thought it was interesting how they are definitely setting up for something bigger with him. It starts with him and Carl arguing over going after Enid. Carl is going and Ron is trying to stop him. They have the most sissy shoving match ever played on television and then Ron reminds Carl that not only was Enid his girlfriend but that if he leaves Ron will be forced to tell Rick and the others. They will go after Carl and people will get killed. This stops Carl, but he still looks determined to do something.

Ron then goes to Rick and tells him what Carl was up to and assures him he didn’t go that Ron himself stopped him. He then asks if Rick will show him how to shoot. Last time Rick offered, Ron rebuffed him as he (rightfully and obviously) blamed Rick for his father’s death. Rick seems to trust Ron and gives him his gun with no bullets and leaves him up there to practice aiming and to watch out for anyone who may be coming back.

I don’t think Ron is over Rick killing his father. I think Ron is still really angry at Rick for that. I think he is really angry at Carl for liking his girlfriend and being protective of her. I think Ron saving Carl from going out was to erase any debt or guilt he had to Carl for saving him earlier. I think Ron is going to learn to shoot and he is going to turn around and be aiming for certain people. Let’s see if he can hit a bulls ‘eye’. (Comic people will get that reference) Time will tell.

We also get really forced scenes between Tara and the sort of new doctor Denise. Tara is dismissive of her fear still, but yet continues to sort of encourage her. This has somehow endured Denise to Tara and she kisses her. I think this happened way too quickly and forced, it should have been a slow build up. We have already seen Tara come to a new safe spot and almost immediately get a girlfriend. The only good part about it was when Denise said it was ‘the end of the world’ and Tara replied ‘no it wasn’t.’ It seems TWD writers do remember what hope is after all.

The final thing that happened, which was easily the most entertaining and important of the night was Aaron and Maggie. The entire episode kept flipping back to them. Maggie is trying to figure out how to get out and find Glenn. She can’t stand not knowing and not helping him somehow. Aaron insists on helping, because he still feels it’s partly his fault (it’s not Aaron, its Ricks fault because Glenn went out on Ricks plan).

Maggie for some reason keeps trying to dissuade him, but eventually goes along with it when Aaron says he knows a way out through the sewer. Conveniently for the writers, the sewers only go to the edge of Alexandria and not say throughout the entire town like you would think sewers would. There are some pretty cool sewer walkers they kill off and Aaron even saves Maggie from one. I only rolled my eyes a little bit that Maggie had to be saved. Also was anyone else worried at the fact that there were walkers in the sewer, right under Alexandria and no one knew? Aaron knew about the sewers, knew they were locked and yet was surprised to see them. Shouldn’t that be ringing some alarm bells in his head?

They get to the end of the sewer where there is a large locked gate. Maggie seems to suddenly change her mind and Aaron is still willing to get past the walkers to go find Glenn. Maggie yells and then announces that she’s pregnant. She makes her speech about how Glenn would have given her a sign already and how she just needs to see his face one more time. She also mentions the burned photograph and I’m so sad for Maggie now. She and Aaron end up hugging while walkers try to reach through the gate at them. It’s strangely heartwarming.

I’ve seen a lot of people write that they weren’t surprised by this announcement, but I was and I hadn’t seen any speculation on it either. I’m wondering how this will differ from when Lori was pregnant with Judith. Will they really have two little baby’s on the show? Judith already gets regulated to being in the scenery a lot and used as a prop for someone to hold. Seems a bit strange they would have more of that. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Also more interesting to see how much TWD wants to break our hearts over Glenn being gone. Sorry, still believe he’s dead although I am with people being frustrated over the show not telling already, especially after this filler episode.

The final scene of the night was Rick confronting Jessie. He had heard about her killing the walker and making the speech to everyone. Then they made out. No really, they were all face touching and then making out. Guess Jessie is over her husband already? Also now Rick has went full on Shane, except he has successfully killed the guy in the way of his love interest. The only difference is Rick was the good guy then and Pete never was anything but a bad one. Also if Ron isn’t already angry enough at Rick and his mom, he will be now.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Tell me below in the comments or over on my twitter @quietlikeastorm. I will be live tweeting TWD every Sunday night too, so make sure to join me for that. I love hearing from everyone. Also make sure to give @thenerdygirlexp a follow and RT the pinned giveaway tweet while there is still time! We are giving away something really awesome and that is all you have to do to enter for a chance to win it.

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