Reviewing Jenny’s Wedding

This weekend I spent some quality time with my sister watching Netflix. She’s been watching a lot of Grey’s Anatomy and one of her suggestions for further watching was the movie Jenny’s Wedding. We thought we’d give it a look and see just what it was all about.

Katherine Heigl plays the title character Jenny, who has been hiding a large part of her life from her very conservative Midwestern family. While home for a christening, Jenny decides that she wants to commit to marrying and starting a family with the love of her life. What surprises her parents is that Jenny plans to marry her long time partner Kitty, who she had referred to as her roommate for five years. When Jenny comes out to her parents, her mother insists she not tell other people. This causes a rift between the once relatively close family.

While the movie is titled Jenny’s Wedding we actually don’t see that much of Jenny. She is shown periodically, but her coming out is really used as more of a device for examining how a family responds to change. The movie more closely looks at Jenny’s parents, Eddie and Rose. Beyond showing her parents adapting to knowing that they have a gay child, we see Jenny’s younger and already married sister, Anne, examining her own relationship because of the happiness she now sees her sister experiencing. Anne is played by Grace Gummer who is a delight to watch. She becomes fixated on her lawn and actually gets pretty well developed by the end. I was excited that Alexis Bledel was in this movie, but honestly she doesn’t really do much in it. When she is shown she’s really just standing near Jenny and speaks very infrequently. I really wish she had been used more in the movie.

Watching the way the parents and Anne changed over the course of the movie was interesting, but it definitely wasn’t the sort of movie I was expecting. Netflix had it listed in comedies and it’s really more of an indie drama. It reminded me of Ricki and the Flash, and not just because Gummer was in both. I thought it was an alright movie, about a five out of ten.

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