#Supernatural Bobby’s Singer’s Guide to Hunting By David Reed- Book Review

downloadBobbySingerGuideToHuntingI felt like a real hunter after receiving both Supernatural John Winchester’s Journal and Supernatural Bobby Singer’s Guide to Hunting.  I wanted to read both books as soon as possible as I was curious about two different authors’ characterizations of Winchester father figures, John and Bobby.

I have to say that Supernatural Bobby Singer’s Guide to Hunting was the more enjoyable of the two books.  I felt that the format in David Reed’s book worked better than Supernatural John Winchester’s Journal. The book was written unlike a journal but as a story in which something happens to Bobby after the last case he is working on where he ends up in his house with no memory of how he got there.  Afraid that his memories are fading, Bobby decides to record what he knows about hunting to help San and Dean and also so that his knowledge can be passed on to other generations of hunters.

Readers will learn from Bobby’s experiences about tools and tricks to handle cases and also gain insight into his life with wife Karen prior to him becoming a hunter and a rift he had with longtime partner, Rufus Turner.

The best thing about Supernatural Bobby Singer’s Guide to Hunting is that when reading Bobby’s words, it sounded like the Bobby we know and love from the television series.  I understand that authors should put their on spin on the characters they write but when a book is based on a television series, the characters in the book should closely mirror those presented on screen. This was my major problem with the way John Winchester was written in Supernatural John Winchester’s Journal.  The John in that book could have been John Doe for as much as he was like John Winchester.

I could definitely envision a sequel to Supernatural Bobby Singer’s Guide to Hunting, which I feel is the highest praise a book can be given.  If it leaves the readers wanting more than the author has done his job right.

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