Book Review- Supernatural: Children of Anubis by @TimWaggoner via @stacyamiller85 #Supernatural #SPN

What new supernatural threat does hunters Sam and Dean Winchester face in the novel Supernatural: Children of Anubis?

In Supernatural: Children of Anubis, hunting brothers Sam and Dean Winchester go to Indiana to investigate a murder that may be the work of a werewolf. They soon learn werewolves aren’t they only thing plaguing this Indiana town. It seems there are also jakkals.  And these jakkals believe in a God called Anubis, who despises werewolves. It looks like The Winchesters may need some help on this one from their werewolf/hunter friend Garth.

I enjoyed Supernatural: Children of Anubis.  It was good to see Garth join Sam and Dean on a case, especially one where werewolves were involved. And having the jakkals vs. werewolves element with the danger of an awakening God with a hatred for werewolves thrown in was a good touch and added to the heighten urgency of the case. The Winchesters and Garth must stop the escalating jakkals/werewolves tension before the body count is racked up because of Anubis. So for this book, there were multiple threats.

One of the hardest challenge of an author transferring established television characters from the screen to a book is capturing the essence of who they are. I feel Tim Waggoner does this adequately. Even if some readers may feel that Sam and Dean don’t sound exactly like they do on The CW series, that doesn’t distract from the story, which is an interesting tale. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are Sam and Dean Winchester playing their roles perfectly; I give any writer props for even attempting to create the magic they bring to their roles on screen to the page.

I’d recommend Supernatural: Children of Anubis. If you are missing new Sam and Dean Supernatural episodes, this may help tide you over until the series returns in the Fall.

Supernatural: Children of Anubis can be purchased through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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