#Supernatural John Winchester’s Journal By Alex Irvine-Book Review

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If you are a Supernatural fan and receive a book based on your favorite television show as  a Christmas present, your yuletide has be made bright.  The only question that remains is: Do I wait to read it or do I dive right in?

Well, my anticipation got the better of me so I had to read  Alex Irvine’s Supernatural John Winchester’s Journal immediately.

The premise of the book is that it is the journal of Supernatural patriarch John Winchester. As longtime viewers know, John’s journal has been a reference tool for Sam and Dean Winchester since the series began, providing useful information to aid them in their hunting endeavors.

In Alex Irvine’s book, readers are given a glimpse into not only the supernatural evil that John has fought but John’s views of his sons as Sam and Dean were growing up. Readers will be able to see how different the Winchester boys were and get a sense of John’s relationship with Sam.

Now, time for the pro and cons of the book.

The Pros- What I liked about the book is that it referenced some of the people, places and events that have aired on the show.  It is sort of a prequel to the pilot as it talks about John’s obsession with locating and killing The Yellow Eye Demon.  As it is told in John’s “voice”, the reader can feel how his obsession made him more of a “drill sergeant” to his sons rather than a father (John made reference to this in Season 1, Episode 20 “Dead Man’s Blood”).  The “family business” made Sam and Dean grow up too fast.  I also enjoyed the information on the demons, monsters, haunted places, the occult and different religions presented. For anyone fascinated with the occult, the book provides some good information. I also liked the illustrations provided throughout the book.

The Cons- I felt that the way the book is written from John’s POV it sometimes came off as a diary of his mistakes and regrets with how he raised his boys.  Additionally, when reading I couldn’t “see” John Winchester in the words. He felt like a totally different character from the one I watched on Supernatural.

Supernatural John Winchester’s Journal works best for anyone who has never seen the show. Die hard fans might have issues with it if they compare it to what we know about John Winchester from the television series Supernatural. 

Minor nitpik on my part- I would have loved the book to have resembled John’s journal from the show. How cool would it have been to have a replica, leather-bound journal. But then again, that would have been pricey, and I probably would have really expected it to be like the one on Supernatural.

Various issues aside, i did enjoy reading Supernatural John Winchester’s Journal.

Have you read Supernatural John Winchester’s Journal?  What did you think? Sound off in the comments or send a tweet to @thenerdygirlexp or @stacyamiller85 .






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