Reviewing the Work of the#LASlasher

I honestly had never heard of the movie L.A. Slasher until I saw it at work, video stores can be very useful for finding random things you never knew you wanted to see. The movie revolves around social media, mostly Twitter, and on people obsessed with fame. My review has all the details, don’t worry I won’t spoil it for you.

L.A. Slasher is not just the title of the movie, but the name of the killer. Andy Dick voices the Slasher, who runs not only a Twitter account, but also a live broadcast website that showcases his every movement in his hunt for reality stars. None of the characters have actual names, they are just referred to by nicknames: The Heiress, The Popstar, The Socialite, The Drug Dealers, The Reporter, etc. This was actually super convenient for me because I suck at remembering character names in movies. Normally I just wind up calling them random things, my live tweets get littered with nicknames because I honestly just suck at retaining names.

The L.A. Slasher kidnaps people he thinks are annoying basically. He doesn’t think they have any real talent and don’t deserve the attention they are getting from the public. He has a creepy murder lair where he streams what is happening to the people he is kidnapping for anyone to watch. People actually get really into it and start following him and pushing him to kidnap more people.

The movie is a bit odd. You can’t exactly tell what the Slasher is doing and at the end of the movie you sort of get to see the results. I was expecting way more gore than what was actually shown. It’s more implied gore or you think something awful has happened, but it isn’t shown directly on camera. Andy Dick’s voice over is hilarious, somehow he makes the killer sound like a jerk, but a weirdly likable jerk. When he’s chasing one of his victims through his lair he literally tells her that they are playing a cat and mouse game and she needs to go the other way because she’s the mouse and he is after her. There is also a random scene with a Killers Anonymous meeting that reminded me of one of my favorite Sandman things, The Serial Killer Convention. The movie is a bit hard to summarize because it just sort of jumps back and forth between the killer and his victims. I also wasn’t one hundred percent sure how the killer caught people or what he everyone was doing. Sorry, but it was a lot of jumping around for me.

The ending of the movie was a bit of a twist, but it didn’t exactly show what happened to the people that the L.A. Slasher took. I was a little upset because I saw that Drake Bell was in this movie and I was expecting him to have a bigger part, but sadly he was only in it for a few minutes. I haven’t seen him in anything since Drake and Josh so I was hoping he’d get some good lines. The soundtrack was actually really cool, I’d listen to it again. It was sort of a mix of random pop, techno, and some slow stuff. The social media aspect was like having pop up video in the movie, which was kind of cool. It wasn’t the best horror movie I’ve ever seen, but I enjoyed watching it. Definitely something you should watch with friends so you can all just chatter about what’s going on as you watch it.

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