Daredevil Costume Queries from @kleffnotes

I know like the entire world has already watched the Netflix original series Daredevil, but I just finished it this past weekend with @_JonathanWhite_ and @quietlikeastorm. In the last episode we finally got to see the official Daredevil costume and I have some comments and concerns.

Okay so first off here’s a side by side of the original mask costume and the new official Daredevil outfit.

the mask daredevil costume

Now admittedly I am a fan of black clothing so I really liked Matt’s low budget black mask costume. It just looked so must easier to wear and in the event of an emergency he could whip off the mask and just look like a normal dude wearing black clothes. I knew the outfit wouldn’t last because it’s Daredevil, there’s obviously going to be a costume like in the comics.

When Matt goes to get the new outfit his tailor does tell him that it isn’t exactly finished, so I’m going with it’s a work in progress sort of. I like the color, deep burgundy is a nice choice and blends in more than a super bright red like we saw in the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie.

daredevil affleck

Not only is the costume darker red, but it has the cool reinforced material that Fisk has his suits made out of. I mean that stuff is awesome, it’s practically indestructible. My major issue though is with the horns

Okay, okay I know Daredevil has to have horns because he’s a devil and devils have horns. I’m not saying he shouldn’t have horns, I mean it’s like Batman, his cowl needs the points or he just won’t look like Batman. The issue I have is that the horns on the new costume in the Netflix series look like they are just going to snap off. They are super thin and look almost like razor blades shaped to look like horns. Now maybe they are going to be used as weapons because if you headbutted someone with those things you would do some serious damage, but you’d have to headbutt at an angle, which poses the problem of injuring Matt’s neck. I’m probably just over thinking this, but I really want the horns to be a little bit thicker or maybe just pushed farther back so they aren’t so close to his eyes.

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