@StitchersTV Recap: All In from @kleffnotes

The Stitchers finale, All In, aired last night and I am still dealing with everything that happened. This was such an intense episode and we absolutely need to get a third season, but let’s get to the recap.

Kirsten is working intently on her investigation wall, well now it’s her entire room, when Cameron comes in to get her. He doesn’t judge her math based obsession, but he does point out that they need her at the lab. She’s going to have to stitch into Liam, which isn’t just hard for her. Camille feels like it’s her fault that Liam died. Fisher tries to tell her that she was doing her job, but she still wishes she had told him that he was in danger. Before the stitch starts Maggie gets a phone call from Iraq, which has me very worried that something terrible has happened. Then during the stitch we see the path of the bullet and the effect that it had on Liam’s brain. We see the brief return of angry robot Kirsten and also that Liam was totally faking his accent to get closer to her. Such a shady guy, who was totally just doing everything that Daniel Stinger wanted him to do. After the stitch Kirsten gets upset at herself because she feels like she hasn’t figured out anything about her father and begins tearing down her wall. Suddenly she stops, even though Camille has been telling her to stop, it’s actually a misplaced string that catches her eye. During the stitch she heard a buzzing and she had been trying to map out where a power surge could be. The moved string corresponds to a substation, which she thinks Ivy was trying to tell her about. When she gets there Ivy is irate. Daniel has run off and taken his work with him. Based on the lines on the floor it looks like he’s been stitching. The NSA team shows up and takes Ivy away, they were there to arrest Daniel, for further questioning. As she’s leaving Ivy whispers to Kirsten that her mother is alive.


Kirsten goes back to the lab and Maggie is staring at a photograph. She is visibly upset, but tells Kirsten that she’s not going to bring her personal matters into the workplace. Maggie mentions that they think Ivy was being groomed to become a stitcher by Daniel. When she learns that Kirsten’s mother could be alive she tells her that as her boss that she can’t allow her to do anything, but sneakily says that she shouldn’t contact Fisher and ask him to help her get an order of exhumation. We see Fisher in his office and his ex-wife walks in with the order from the DA. She called in a favor to get it rushed for him. She notices he isn’t wearing his wedding ring and flashes her ring while mentioning she felt weird without it. Now I might be getting terrible trust issues from television, but I don’t trust this getting back together moment. At the cemetery when they open her mother’s coffin it’s empty. Back at the stitch lab Kirsten has set up a meeting with Blair. She insists he tell her where her mother is and he refuses to say anything. She says that she’ll quit if she doesn’t get answers and then Blair turns extra evil. He starts calling her his property and tells her that she’s replaceable. Seriously, such a jerk.


While this has been going on Camille is chilling out at home and calls Fisher. She wants to see if he wants to hangout and share some wine, but when he reveals he is going to be spending some time with his ex-wife she seems upset. By the time Kirsten gets home Camille is pretty deep in her cups, we are at vino and chill levels of drinking right now, but she still wants to help out her sister in code. When Kirsten says that she still doesn’t know where her mother is Camille pushes her to think of things and the two of them realize that Ed wanted to be cremated and put in a specific urn. When they look at the urn Camille realizes the lid has binary code on it. Conveniently she has an app that can quickly decode it, which reveals a location. The women of code head out, with a little bit of white wine backup, and find themselves in a really creepy room. There’s a coffin like container in the center and when they open it instead of finding her mother she finds a bleeding scientist. While he looks dead he briefly comes back to life just long enough to scare the crap out of me. After not finding her mother, Kirsten has a break down. She goes to Cameron and starts crying. She says that she wants her mother because she feels like she was never able to have a home with her, but that she feels like she’s home when she’s with Cameron. Then they kiss! Oh my gosh Camsten! But Nina! I’m so conflicted, I love both ships, but that scene was so wonderful.



Now here are some slightly out of chronological order updates. Nina spent the night at Cameron’s earlier in the episode and while there she found his NSA badge. She asks him if it’s a joke, but instead of saying yes he tells her the truth about being a stitcher and tells her that Kirsten is a crucial part of the program. Nina actually seems happy to learn this and says that she’s always wanted a swashbuckling scientist. I mean what comic book nerd wouldn’t want a guy with a secret lab in a secret government building. Linus also has his own reveal session. His father is recovering from surgery and while he’s there the lab is preparing for the stitch into the dead scientist Kirsten found. His parents tell him that he should go to work, but he keeps insisting that the video game company can run without him. When he says that his baba reveals that they know he’s a stitcher. Maggie told them when he was hired because they had clearance from when they worked in software. Linus is surprised that they know and doesn’t understand why they never told him. His baba says that they wanted him to know because in case something happens he wants Linus to stitch into his memories and see how proud he is of him. My heart was breaking.


Linus arrives at the lab and they prepare to stitch. As they are going through the go, no go sequence Blair storms in yelling No go! With the backing of Maggie the team refuses to stop and Kirsten goes in. She sees the scientist talking to her mother, well pretending to talk to her because she’s locked in the chamber. A group of armed government agents arrive and when he refuses to let her mother out they shoot him and remove her themselves. As Kirsten’s mother is wheeled out the scientist climbs inside the chamber to try and survive. Before the death memory baby Cameron appears and tells Kirsten that he can show her her mother. The lab saw the anomaly appear in the memories and before they could stop her Kirsten disappears. Her mind is suddenly off the map and they aren’t sure how to get her back. Camille thinks that they’ve been hacked and the only person who could do it would be Daniel Stinger. He’s been using her memory of Cameron to get her to trust him. Before they can pull her back, the NSA team that Blair controls appears to force them to shut down. As the armed group starts forcing people to stop working, they even attempt to make Camille put her tablet down, Tim punches the head man in the face. This leads to a pretty major brawl with our team taking back their lab.


Kirsten is lost in a memory of her and her mother. She never wants to leave and evil baby Cameron is telling her that she doesn’t have to go. Even though the lab doesn’t know she’s being tricked, Cameron thinks that if they cut off the signal he can slip in as young Cameron and get her back. As the Camerons change over, real life Cameron in the guise of his younger self tells Kirsten that they need her to come back. Memories flash past and as this happens we also see baba at the hospital not doing well. In a beautifully filmed scene that jumps between the stitch and the lab Cameron says “No matter what you think, no matter how long it takes, I will never leave you.” Then the episode ends.


That finale was amazing and we cannot let Stitchers end without getting more answers. We definitely need a Stitchers season three. Also keep your eyes out because I’ll be posting a special Stitchers themed video this Thursday to support the #StitchersFansVoice movement. Share your Stitchers thoughts in the comments or on Twitter, @thenerdygirlexp. You can find me on Twitter, @kleffnotes, on my blog, kleffnotes.wordpress.com, on my kleffnotes YouTube channel, I run The Nerdy Girl Express Snapchat, thenerdygirlexp, and post recipes on the iZombie Support Group site.

One thought on “@StitchersTV Recap: All In from @kleffnotes

  1. This episode was real screw up episode with more questions and the ending didn’t make sense as that small cameron who was protecting her and helping her for entire season who is acting as her father who already told her he cares a lot for her takes her in her mind with her mother and tells her she can stay there if she wants why would he do that, either he doesn’t want her to find something bad what is happening or he poorly dealing with loosing his family so for him he is with his family there, Second her father story doesn’t make sense at all as it is very mysterious and it is all writers fault as they screw up this from season 1, I think her father was protecting kirsten the day he left her he probably always had people watching over her and also when her father talked to liam I think he knew she would end up with stitching and I still believe Dr Stinger is on some high position but nobody know anything about him is he really a killer, bad or good one we don’t know and that at the end when he talked to liam didn’t even look as her father we could hardly see his eyes and dr stinger eyes are brown this guys wasn’t and this was different actor it wasn’t c.thomas and was this kirsten father it is good question.. SO many answers we need about kirsten father and mother now as well and more about him as we don’t know anything about him and we need to see properly actor get him involved in the show and bring back c.thomas. I really hope none of kirsten father and mother are bad as I would love family metting between them but this is what I would like.. Bring us season 3 with better writing this episode wasa screw up and we didn’t even find anything about her dad not even seen him…


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