Oh Kevin, You Lovable Idiot: A Review of @Ghostbusters from @kleffnotes

I know what you might be thinking, Katherine why are you writing this review, aren’t you afraid the trolls will attack you? And no lie, I am not looking forward to the potential flack that this review could bring me, but I’m going to be brave and say I ain’t afraid of no trolls. Even though I am because seriously scary folks lurk on the internet, but I’m embracing my own kick butt lady power and saying I liked the new Ghostbusters movie. Yes, I liked it. Before you get angry, yes, I have seen the original movies and yes, more than once. I even watch the first one on repeat at the video store where I currently work when the mood strikes me. I have been looking forward to seeing this reboot because I like Paul Feig movies and I think all the women involved in this production are really funny. After watching it I can say that I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

I want you to go watch this movie so I am going to refrain from spoiling it for you, I like to try and keep my movie reviews as spoiler free as possible. To start I want to say that this movie is different from either of the original Ghostbusters movies. I know with a lot of remakes the thought is that the writers will just attempt to take new actors and have them reprise the roles of original characters and we’ll just watch them do exactly the same thing their predecessors did, but frequently with new tech or new wardrobes. That is definitely not the case for this movie.

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In this Ghostbusters Erin Gilbert, Kristen Wiig, is a professor of Physics at Columbia University and is up for tenure review, the issue is that she discovers her friend Abby Yates, Melissa McCarthy, has been selling a book the two of them wrote together about ghosts. If the university discovers this book they’ll think she’s a joke and never give her tenure. Seriously tenure is a huge deal so I understand. Erin goes to talk to Abby and winds up hunting for a homicidal ghost, which leads to a YouTube video and a very swift change in everyone’s lives. While Erin has been off becoming a professor, Abby has been working with Jillian Holtzmann, Kate McKinnon, to continue to search for the truth about ghosts. When the three women decide to team up they wind up meeting Patty, Leslie Jones, who joins their team and they hire Kevin, Chris Hemsworth, to be their receptionist. With the team all assembled things in New York start getting extra spooky. Someone is messing with ghosts and causing massive spectral events and it’s up to the Ghostbusters to stop them

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Now in the original movie everyone is a huge fan of the Ghostbusters, they start making tons of money and literally don’t even have time to rest, but that is not the case this time. The public might see the ghosts, but no one takes anything this new team does seriously. Actually a lot of what happens in the movie made me think of the public reaction to a Ghostbusters remake. So many negative comments were mentioned throughout the film, primarily in the form of YouTube comments that Abby posted online about their ghost hunting.


I thought the movie was really funny and the nods to the original were great. It showed that the new cast really did care about the original movies, even if people thought they were ruining them. This new Ghostbusters is something all new with brand new characters, who are really funny. Of the main Ghostbusters Holtzmann was totally my favorite, she has a great ghost fighting moment that had me cracking up the entire time. Chris Hemworth’s very ditzy Kevin was also hilarious. I laughed almost every time he was on screen and his glasses were just one of the many things that cracked me up about him. You need to stay for the entire credit sequence and wait until it ends, there were so many great things that happened after the official movie ended. One hint, there’s dancing, so much dancing. I really enjoyed this movie and I would definitely watch it again. It shows that not only are women funny, but that they can save the world, which is hard to find in many movies.

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One thought on “Oh Kevin, You Lovable Idiot: A Review of @Ghostbusters from @kleffnotes

  1. Great review of the new Ghostbusters. It offered valid opinions for why you liked the remake without spoiling the movie. Hopefully, the trolls you mentioned will decide to back off and show you the respect of allowing you to express your opinion.


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