Bounty #1 @DarkHorseComics Review from @kleffnotes

Bounty #1 introduces us to Nina and Georgie, who spent five years stealing money from evil corporations all over the galaxy. These kick ass sisters have been snagged by a bounty hunter, but they aren’t going to let that stop them.

Indra, the man claiming the bounty on the sisters, threatens to seriously hurt Georgie if Nina doesn’t give him the information he needs to unlock their data store. Giving up this information gives him literally everything they’ve worked to gain. To protect her sister, Nina unlocks the device, but Indra makes a terrible misstep and still has his man begin hurting Georgie. In a rage, Nina tears herself free of her restraints and takes out all of the men in the ship. With their information being leaked to media outlets throughout the galaxy the sisters are forced to delete everything about themselves in order to escape. They aren’t alone though, they have their partner Viv, who happens to be a tech wiz.

bounty 2

The story then moves forward years into the future. Georgie has gotten married to Alan, and now she runs mission control while her husband and Nina act as the boots on the ground for their new money making venture as bounty hunters. Viv still runs their tech, but Georgie coordinates everything. They collect their bounty, but things aren’t as easy as they seem to be. In Bounty what I immediately loved was that a majority of the main characters are women of color. Nina, Georgie, and Viv can take out entire crews of men all on their own, but they let Alan join them now that he’s married to Georgie. Even though he might be part of the team, Nina is in charge of what they do to collect bounties. This first comic also gave you a look at how the characters were originally pitched to Dark Horse. I am looking forward to reading more of Bounty and I am very curious to see if we get to see some more of the characters’ pasts in connection to the overarching story line.

Bounty 1

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