@MarkRPellegrino Is An Executive Producer of The Last Train via @tdmiller820917 #Supernatural @thelasttrainmovie

Mark Pellegrino is a busy man. The Lost alum endeared himself to countless Supernatural fans for his riveting portrayal of Lucifer. There is a twinge of irony realizing that Pellegrino played the Devil and in doing so, he make an evil character one of the most beloved in Supernatural history.

The talented actor added a recurring role on ABC’s Quantico to his resume and was recently cast in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

Now Pellegrino is an executive producer of The Last Train. Written by Anthony Montes and directed by Mark Pellegrino’s wife, Tracy Pellegrino, The Last Train is the story of two tortured souls who meet on a night when both were planning to commit suicide. Circumstances prevent them from jumping onto the train tracks. In the process, they formulate a bond, confront their past demons and possibly learn about themselves.

The movie stars Anthony Montes, Ciera Danielle and Lou Diamond Phillips.

There will be a screening of The Last Train at 2pm on September 3rd.

For tickets:


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