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There’s nothing like remembering the shows from our pasts. The sweet memories of running home after school to catch the lastest episode of your favorite shows. The good old days when kids and teens actually had awesome shows to watch.

Not to say there isn’t good programming for our kids to watch now, but let’s be real, they don’t make shows like they use to.

Let’s take a trip back in time, to a show that has a future Supernatural guest star, future televisions stars, future movies stars…..

The year is 1990 and we meet high schooler Parker Lewis, played by Corin Nemec (recurring guest star on Supernatural season 6, Stephen King’s The Stand, Operation Dumbo Drop, Stargate SG-1). He’s a teenager who just Can’t Lose. He’s popular, cute, funny, totally awesome, and he gets away with everything. His famous catch phrase is “Not a problem”, which he uses anytime he’s faced with trouble….quite often lol. He always has a plan, outsmarting any who stand in his way…makes for tons of laughs. 


You’d think Parker has everything all worked out, and he does for the most part….except for the high school principal being his nemesis. Melanie Chartoff (voice actress know for Rugrats) played Principal Grace Musso, who lives life just to bust Parker and rid her school of him for good. This creates quite a lot of hijinks that brings tons of laughter. Ms. Musso is quite the character. A character full of secrets. Like her low salary and huge expensive house, which Parker has used to his advantage. 


Parker has a little sister, Shelly, who just loves to spend her days ratting Parker out to their parents. Don’t you just love little sisters! Not only does she love getting Parker in trouble at home, going to the same high school helps her keep him in trouble with teachers and other parents as well. She’s teamed up with Musso on occasion, just to make Parker’s life miserable. Her and Jerry (Parker’s friend) are usually pretty friendly and as the series goes on, they became more than friendly. Maia Brewton played Shelly, who was also in Adventures In Babysitting.


Parker’s dad, Mr. Lewis, owes a video store that he runs with his wife. Both Parker and Shelly help out on the weekends.  He tries to be the cool dad, as cool as he was in high school. Turns out Mr. Lewis and Ms. Musso went to high school together and he use to prank the hell out of her. This is why she’s always after Parker. Mrs. Lewis is just as sweet as can be, the mom you always wanted, but mess with her clan and she will tear you down.
Mr. Lewis is played by Timothy Stack, who’s been seen in television and movies like Scary Movie 3, American Pie: Band Camp. Mrs. Lewis was played by Ann Bloom in season 1 and in season 2-3 Mary Ellen Trainor, who we know and love as the mother in The Goonies, as well as from Lethal Weapon the movie, and quite a bit more.


Having your little sister and your principal against you might seem like a no win situation, but Parker doesn’t face these problems alone! His best friends, Mikey and Jerry, are right there with him to take on the world and high school. These two best friends are very different from one another but both were very fun. Mikey is our rocker guy. Totally quotes songs and everything. He’s more emotional than the other two. Shelly played a prank on him so bad he considered not finishing high school. Jerry is our nerd. Got to love those nerds. He’s is extremely proper, addressing everyone formally by their last name. During the first couple of seasons, he wore this magical trenchcoat that had everything you could ever need attached to the inside. Look at me, I nearly forgot to tell you how these three have a super high tech headquarters hidden above the gym.
Mikey was played by Billy Jayne, known for Bloody Birthday, Cujo, and The Beastmaster. Jerry was played by Troy Slaten who is now an attorney you can see on some news channels.


I can’t forget one of my favorites, Francis “Larry” Lawrence. At first, he was know as the giant bully who didn’t exactly speak proper. After a few episodes, his character becomes more friendly and he later becomes more of a help to Parker than anything. Best part about him, he wasn’t as dumb as he made himself out to be.
Larry was played by the great Abraham Benrubi,  who has been in everything lol, including ER, Open Range, and more recently The Finest Hour.

These actors really brought their characters to life and it was a pleasure watching them on this show for three beautiful years. I really truly miss it.

Have any of you seen Parker Lewis Can’t Lose? Did you enjoy it?
If you guys would like to hear more about this show, drop me a comment below and I would be happy to oblige.

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  1. I loved this show ,it’s a great memory from my childhood. In fact I just binge watched it last year.I am happy to see that there are still people out there who remember it because this show was coolness.

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