Go West #2 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

In the first issue of Go West we saw Slade the Blade leaving his once happy home to seek revenge against the people who killed his family. In this future version of The United States The West has become a dangerous and lawless place, which is where Slade now has to go. The second issue in this series picks up with one of Slade’s first victims on his quest for vengeance.

Slade has sliced the face of one of the men who killed his family solely so that he can pass a message on to his boss, Creep. Once the injured man is sewed up, the massive Creep insists he tell him everything and we learn what happened to Slade’s family. Surprisingly though the real threat is not that he is coming, but that Slade is going to Lost Vegas to get a woman, who will destroy the head of this violent band of savages. We then are taken to Lost Vegas, Nevada and see another of Creep’s men being questioned about a series of crimes he committed in the city. Slade arrives after a moment of violence and in a brief conversation with the mysterious and dangerous woman of Lost Vegas their connection has been made and they are ready to go after Creep.


This issue provided some of the backstory that I was hoping for in connection to Slade and his family. It also gave us our first look at Creep and just what his organization is doing. I am very curious to learn more about the woman in Lost Vegas and just how she connects to Creep. The fact that Slade threatened him with her going after him surprised me and makes me think that they must have been close. I am looking forward to how this story evolves in later issues, especially with this new character appearing.


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