Very Unfortunate Things Are Coming ( @netflix @Unfortunate ) from @kleffnotes

This article is full of terrible things and miserable musings. You should not read it, instead you should browse the site and find something far happier than what I am writing here. On this foul Friday the 13th a great tragedy is destined to befall you should you keep reading. There have been numerous warnings, I’ve tried to dissuade you, but should you keep reading be prepared to suffer from A Series of Unfortunate Events.

I suppose since you’ve made it past my warnings that I should share the nefarious news I have been privy to from the Netflix World Premiere of A Series of Unfortunate Events at AMC Lincoln Square in New York City. This frightening fete gave the press a bit of an idea about the latest Netflix Original Series. If you have not read the books please note there will be some very minor spoilers in this article. Many of the cast warned that viewers should chose something else to watch and avoid subjecting themselves to such a tragic story. Now if you aren’t familiar with the book series these warnings might have confused you a bit.

Throughout the books Lemony Snicket, the narrator, tells readers to stop reading the books or find something else to read. Getting to hear Daniel Handler, the author and Executive Producer, as well as Patrick Warburton, who is playing Lemony Snicket, jokingly tell the interviewers to avoid the series was wonderful to me. Neil Patrick Harris’ explanation of his character, Count Olaf, helped to give some insight into how he connected with this vile villain. His excitement about being part of the series was also shared by the other cast members and made me want to start binging the series even more.

The biggest takeaway that I got from the premiere was the constant emphasis on how amazing the sets were for just these first eight episodes. I had theorized about which books would be covered and was delighted to learn that they will be focusing on the first four. In order to establish the world of Lemony Snicket sets were made for Briny Beach, Lake Lachrymose, Count Olaf’s Home, Uncle Monty’s Reptile Room, and even an entire city block. They even went so far as to create the Baudelaire home just so that it could be destroyed.

A Series of Unfortunate Events is available on Netflix today, Friday the 13th!

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*Video of the premiere courtesy of Netflix, Provided to The Nerdy Girl Express by Slate PR*


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