The Conjuring of Annabelle: A Review of The Conjuring Series from @kleffnotes

Over the course of the past few weeks I have been working my way through the movies from within The Conjuring series. This all started when my friend offered to loan me her copy of The Conjuring. After talking about it on Twitter I made a friendly wager with a friend, I’d watch the spin off movie Annabelle if he watched more of the tv series Supernatural. The following weekend I watched the official sequel in the series, The Conjuring 2. With a bit of a nudge from a horror movie watching friend I thought I would share my thoughts about the sort of trilogy.

The Conjuring opens with the introduction of Annabelle and then moves onto Ed and Lorraine Warrens’ investigation of the paranormal activity in the recently purchased Perron home. Lorraine uses her psychic abilities to connect with the spirit in the home, which leads them to learn that a demon has actually found a way to attach itself to the family. I thought the plot of this first film was alright and worked as a nice set up for The Warrens. I didn’t actually get that spooked by the main plot, but the introduction of Annabelle and the periodic appearance of the doll creeped me out the entire night. This movie really felt like a tool to spin off the Annabelle movie and to set up later movies more than a solo horror movie.


Based on the creepy scenes with Annabelle in The Conjuring I went into watching the doll’s movie with a lot of trepidation. As a person who hates ventriloquist dummies just the design of Annabelle made me uncomfortable. When the movie started I did appreciate the way the doll’s evil nature/possession was set up. The cult follower attaching to the doll also explained why the doll was always being held by someone in The Conjuring. While I expected to see the doll moving, nothing happened. The only frightening moment with the doll involved it falling down in front of the door while the mother was looking at her daughter. When Annabelle started floating I thought it would get scarier and I was let down when they showed a demon shadow behind her. I just wound up getting bored and comparing it to Rosemary’s Baby, which is not a good thing. I’m sure there are people who like Rosemary’s Baby, but I can’t sit through it without getting antsy and starting to play with my phone. I actually wound up just getting upset that the neighbor died to save the baby, not crying upset, yelling and angry upset.


The Conjuring 2 definitely amped up the horror and it made up for the lackluster Annabelle film. I was so freaked out by the events happening in connection to the Hodgson family that I actually had to watch parts of the movie with my hand in front of my face. Beyond the horrifying appearance of The Crooked Man, there was also the nun that Lorraine kept seeing that was frightening. I definitely enjoyed this one the most and that Vera Farmiga got to do even more in this film and really take over the investigation. Based on this movie I would actually watch The Conjuring 3, though I don’t think I’ll be checking out Annabelle 2. Also fun bonus, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Mrs. S from Orphan Black, is in The Conjuring 2 and is always just a delight to see.


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