Kleff Con Fun at @ClexaCon Day 4: Hollstein, Periscopes, and Last Day Blues

Sunday was the third and final day of ClexaCon and it was one of the busiest days for me. While each day had a lot going on, Sunday was the day that included two panels I had promised to Periscope. I woke up at 8:30ish in the morning to make sure I could get coffee, a couple of Krispy Kreme donuts, and get in line super early. Then the fun began!

The first event of the day for me was the Almost Adults screening, which I had learned would include a Q&A with Natasha and Elise afterward. I got there as soon as I could and while in line wound up talking with Mandahla Rose, who stars in All About E, and happened to be here for the screening of a short film she’s in. Once we got into the movie admittedly I was a little distracted. I had been trying to meet up with Kate Johnson, Leslie from The Leslie, and the only time we could work out to meet before she left was during the movie. I’d totally already seen it and have the movie on my iTunes so it was super easy to dip out. I made sure to be back in plenty of time for the Q&A and I immediately started Periscoping, even though Natasha and Elise were a little late. Dana Piccoli held down the fort and when they did get in to the panel they answered some fan questions and were super sweet.

Then we all rushed, Dana, Elise, and Natasha included, to the Hollstein panel being held in the big room. That panel was amazing! Natasha and Elise reenacted scenes between famous female pop culture couples, hinted that they’d be doing a Buffy binge later, and again answered some really great questions. I Periscoped that too so that people could check it out. The women were all just a delight to listen to. We also got to learn some of their dream roles and I would love to see Natasha as a mob boss or a cop with witchy powers. I took a bit of a break to grab some food, there was a tasty taco place in the hotel, and I did a bit more vendor perusing. I bought another book that sounded really interesting. I also needed a bit of time to chill after mildly freaking out about all of the Elise and Natasha things I promised to Periscope. It’s very stressful making sure you can get into panels for people sometimes.

I went to LGBTQ Actresses in Media and Television and while I didn’t Periscope that panel I did my best to live tweet it. I love Jesica Nicole’s work in Welcome to Night Vale and Alice Isn’t Dead and hadn’t seen any of her panels yet, plus it sounded really interesting and had Dana Piccoli as the moderator. She seriously rocked it this weekend. The panel discussed telling your story and being true to yourself while maintaining a presence within the entertainment industry. We also had the added guest of Rachel Paulson, who may or may not have a show being optioned by Netflix that sounds super cool called Dating Zoey. Also randomly after the panel was over Sara Ramirez appeared, Callie from Grey’s Anatomy in case you weren’t sure who that was. People were asked not to take pictures, but honestly just seeing her was awesome.

I ended the day with a bit of a walk around the strip and hung out at the Bellagio, where I basically just donated 10 bucks to the “I Suck at Slots Fund”and hung out with Krista and Tina. It was really windy and cold so we rushed back to Bally’s and met Rachel for some snacks at Johnny Rocket’s, which I’d never been too. I had a really peanut buttery, Chocolate Peanut Butter shake, and then we had to call it a night. Krista had to get ready to fly out that night and the rest of us had to pack.

I had a wonderful time at ClexaCon and it just felt so comfortable and safer being here. The panels I went to were really interesting and discussions of intersectionality dominated many of them. I also got to meet so many amazing people and just connect with fellow fans of things that I love. I really hope that there is another one next year and I will definitely be there if it happens. I just want to thank everyone who set this up and worked so hard to make sure it ran smoothly. The guests were wonderful and the panels were so amazing. I can’t believe it’s already over. Honestly thank you so much for this amazing convention.

Tomorrow I’ll have a brief article about my trip home and adjusting to life after ClexaCon!

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