Kleff Con Fun at @ClexaCon Day 5: I’m Going Home from @kleffnotes

Day 5 of my ClexaCon trip was just me getting packed up and headed back home to Ohio, but I did do some interesting reading and had some odd experiences on the flight.

Rachel and I woke up at 5 am, even though my flight wasn’t until 9:15 am. I was worried that airport traffic would be bad and on my way into Vegas a woman on the plane who flies out of LAS relatively often warned me that the security scanners were super sensitive. She said her underwire set it off once and I not only wear bras with underwire, but I have 8 piercings between my two ears. I also wasn’t sure where to go within the airport or how quickly the checkpoint would move. Rachel got us a car and the guy totally dropped me at the departures building, saying I just needed to walk straight across and it would be easier to get in quickly because of the traffic. Yeah, so I totally had to walk through the baggage claim terminal, across the shuttle road, the incoming traffic road, and get all the way to the Southwest check-in terminal. I had an emailed boarding pass, but I decided to get a print one too so that I could get the gate number. Southwest has little self-service kiosks so I just did that and headed to my gate. I was super early, but I found my gate, grabbed some coffee and started reading. I had purchased a couple books and a Wynonna Earp graphic novel and I breezed through the comic and one of the books.

Boarding went smoothly and I even got a window seat. The downside was that the woman next to me right before and during takeoff kept coughing and then insisted that she was going to throw up if someone didn’t bring her water. They did bring her a can of water, I had no idea they had canned regular water, and she started watching a show so she was fine after that. I also fell asleep a little while after takeoff, though I did wake up to get some ginger ale and fritos during the drink service. We landed in Chicago and I just had to stay on the plane for a little bit. I moved up a few seats and just relaxed until we took off again. The second flight was a lot more turbulent, they even had to tell flight attendants to take their seats at one point. I got some water and peanuts, even thought the flight was very short and I listened to music until we landed.

My mom picked me up and we grabbed dinner at Panera, I wanted a green vegetable that wasn’t an avocado. I love avocado, but that was the only vegetable I think I ate all weekend. When I got home I pulled out my souvenirs and also threw my dirty clothes into the laundry. I decided to film my Fangirl Freakouts video early, it’s so long, but I had so much to talk about, and I edited that and downloaded my little Periscope from ClexaCon to throw up on my channel. Then showering and writing this up. That’s been the gist of my travel day. I did see that Variety wrote up an article about ClexaCon and I really do hope that we get another convention because I will totally be there, and hopefully with my tattoo.

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