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In Season 12, The CW’s Supernatural introduced us to the elusive Mr. Arthur Ketch, a suave, yet dangerous operative with the British Men of Letters (BMOL).  Mr. Ketch was the person who the BMOL called whenever a situation got out of hand. Ketch is the eliminator of problems and is relied upon to make sure difficulties are dealt with i.e. oftentimes, this means permanently removing a person by killing them.  But Arthur Ketch is more than a gun for hire.  He’s a complicated man who viewers are slowly starting to get to know.  Ketch believes in honor and follows the BMOL’s twisted code without question.

Actor David Haydn-Jones portrays Arthur Ketch to perfection.  And in a short time, Haydn-Jones has endeared himself to Supernatural fans. He has taken Ketch and made him more than a villain and foil for Sam and Dean Winchester. Here is a layered character and through David Haydn-Jones’ acting talents, we look forward to peeling back these layers.

Haydn-Jones took time from his busy Supernatural shooting schedule to answer The Nerdy Girl Express’ questions on his fascinating character.  Read on to find out what he had to say.

Did you watch Supernatural prior to auditioning for the role of Arthur Ketch?

“I was not a regular viewer but was very aware and appreciative of the show, genre and vibe. In Hollywood you sort of have to get a taste of everything and it’s hard, time-wise to commit to full seasons of anything.  But it was definitely a show I thought was unique and wanted to be on!”

How would you describe Mr. Ketch?

“Ketch is a stone-cold, killer, sociopath, assassin.  His primal hunter inclinations have been exploited by the BMOL (British Men of Letters).  We can deduce a certain level of abuse and conditioning have taken place since he was a child.  Arthur has become the living embodiment of a weapon.”

How much of your own personality have you brought to your role as Mr. Ketch?

“I think the closest thing to Ketch that I, David Haydn-Jones bring to him, is the enjoyment of life and sense of humor he flashes at times.  I think the way he uses charm and wit as a tactic is the closest thing to me in real life.  But I’m genuine, haha… You can never tell with Ketch.”

What has challenged you the most as an actor playing Mr. Ketch?

“I would say the stoicism and containment of him at times, the inner damage and turmoil he’s going through with deep-seeded repression and suppression, and of course the very posh persona that he presents to the world.  I am a goofy, nerdy, country boy who is very gregarious, so yeah, it’s a stretch.”

How do you feel the character has grown since you first started portraying him?

“I think the way Ketch has grown for me and the audience is the deepening sense of sadism and ruthlessness he has, BUT with the tiniest, teensiest cracks of humanity showing.  They are quick and fleeting but they are there.  The question is, can they ever overcome all the damage and sociopathic behavior.”

Mr. Ketch has done some unspeakable things. Do you feel the character can be redeemed in viewers’ eyes?

“That all depends on the audience’s empathy to how Ketch was formed and built.  I always think there’s a redemption possible in every character.  Heck if the archetypal Hero’s Journey for Darth Vader led to redemption, anything’s possible.”

Now that it appears that Mr. Ketch has developed feelings for Mary Winchester, how to think his feelings will impact his mission with the BMOL?

“That’s one you’re just going to have to wait and see.  Their relationship will continue to deepen and get more complicated is all I can say.”

Mr. Ketch seems to have fully embraced the BMOL’s mental conditioning and blind devotion to the code. Do you see any scenario where Mr. Ketch might go the way Mick did and defy the BMOL?

“I CAN see a scenario where Ketch’s very small cracks could be exploited.  But it would take very special events and/or persons to make him turn around, heal and enact his own redemption.”

Besides for acting, what other things interest you?

“I love all art, architecture and design.  Also a lover of hiking and all activities in the great outdoors.”

Are there any other projects that you’re working on that you can share with us?

“The Supernatural schedule is winding down so I’ll have a bit more time to consider new jobs.  Also, apparently the Convention bookings have begun in earnest in both Europe and North America so I am very excited about that!  Connecting with the viewers and hearing what they really think of Ketch!”

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Supernatural scene photos courtesy of The CW Network

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  1. Awesome interview, great questions! Love how you tried to get David to give you more on him and Mary. Loved it, great job gf.😊👍💖

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