A Bramble House Christmas Starring @DavidHaydnJones Airing 11/19 on @hallmarkchannel via @stacyamiller85

It’s beginning to look a lot like Fall but don’t worry, if you like winter and the holidays, Jack Frost will soon be nipping at your nose and knocking on your door for some chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

And for viewers of the Hallmark Channel, nothing says holiday season like their Christmas movies and specials. In a press release, Hallmark announced that the network would be premiering 32 all-new original holiday films in 2017. One of these films is A Bramble House Christmas, based on the book of the same name by CJ Carmichael. It stars David Haydn-Jones and Autumn Reeser.

Here is a synopsis of A Bramble House Christmas: “While settling his father’s estate, Finn Conrad (Haydn-Jones) becomes suspicious as to why he left a nurse $50,000. His dad knew her for less than two months before he died. Just before Christmas, Finn wants to reclaim what he considers his family’s money so he goes undercover to investigate the bed and breakfast the nurse has recently taken over. When Finn meets Willa (Autumn Reeser), he discovers she’s not a conniving gold digger at all. She’s the single mother of a sick boy who needed an operation. Finn’s dad paid for the operation and financed Willa’s dream of running the Bramble House B&B. Though Willa and Finn are protective of their hearts for different reasons, they fall in love – until she discovers his true identity and why he was there. Now Finn must gain Willa’s trust to make this a Christmas to remember.”  This movie promises to live up to the Hallmark tradition of movies that entertain while reminding of the importance of love and family.

If you enjoyed David Haydn-Jones as Arthur Ketch on The CW’s Supernatural and will miss seeing him when Season 13 returns on October 13, don’t fear.  A month later on November 19 you’ll get to see him again in A Bramble House Christmas.  Although the character of Finn is far different than Ketch, David Haydn-Jones has the talent and sensitivity to make him a character you’ll care about.  Additionally, Haydn-Jones is no stranger to the holiday movie circuit from roles in previous Christmas related movies Dear Santa (2011), A Cookie Cutter Christmas (2014) and My Christmas Dream (2016).

I’m looking forward to seeing David Haydn-Jones in his latest role.

For more on information on Hallmark Channel’s 2017 holiday movies:


Photo Credit: Ricardo Hubbs/Hallmark

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