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Whether or not viewers were fans of the British Men of Letters story line in Supernatural’s Season 12, there’s no denying that David Haydn-Jones who played Arthur Ketch was well received. He took a villainous character who was an adversary to Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) and made him into something more. Viewers were intrigued, we wanted to know what was behind the debonair British charm…what made Arthur Ketch tick?  I know we all had questions. Sadly, we’ll never get all the answers.

The Nerdy Girl Express thanks David Haydn-Jones for being so kind and generous to allow us to share his thoughts on Ketch following the character’s demise at the hands of Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith) in the preseason finale episode “Who We Are.” Read on to find out what David Haydn-Jones thought about Arthur Ketch, his feelings for Mary and more.

Arthur Ketch was a very complex character.  Unfortunately, viewers never got to see a backstory for Ketch. As someone who lived in his skin so to speak, why do you feel he was so motivated to follow the British Men of Letters’ orders without question?  What do you think brought him to the BMOL?

“Well if you get the DVD’s of this season, you’ll hear Adam Fergus and I got to do commentary with Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner.  There was actually going to be an episode of Mick, Toni and Ketch as children in a sort of Hunger Games episode.  Eugenie let us know that Ketch was a troubled youth that was given away essentially for training by his upper crust family.  They just didn’t want to deal with him and turned him over.  Sad!”

How do you think Ketch really felt about Mary?

“He was in love with her.  BUT not in any healthy way that functioning society would endorse. There is a very fine line between passion and obsession and I think our poor Arthur certainly crossed it.  I think too you see how fragile Ketch’s ego is.  Classic sign of his delicate narcissism..”

If you could have created another ending for your character, how would you have liked to see Arthur Ketch’s story end?

“I would have liked to have seen a redemption arc perhaps.  See if Mary could have cracked him open and turned him to the Winchester’s side.  Also, there was that mysterious tattoo… Did it have any supernatural powers associated or was it just ink?  Would have been fun to see if there was magic there, since we know Arthur is familiar with magic (ie. The extra bunker protection spells).”

You are very active on social media, were you surprised that a character who was a foe to Sam and Dean was so well received by the fans?

“Was I well received?!! Hahaha!  What is the barometer?  But seriously, this is my first 7 months of really trying to engage as an actor through social media and it has been a wild whirlwind and education.  The BEST thing for me has been connecting with people’s profiles and then meeting them for real, in the flesh at CONS.  I am such a people person in real life, so to have one-on-one connections at conventions has been so rewarding.  It’s all about the human connection for me, so if Social Media facilitates that, I guess I’ll keep doing it a little while longer :)”

In closing, any final thoughts on Ketch and your experience on Supernatural?

“Aww, man.  I could go on and on. It was the role of a lifetime just as I thought my career might be ending.  It has been such a blessing and such exhilarating work that the post show blues (as we say in the biz) have been hard.  The only antidote is to get back to work and see what the future holds.  Whatever happens though, I shall be so eternally grateful for the time I got to spend with Ketch and the Supernatural family.”

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