May @ALTERNACOMICS Newsprint Reviews from @kleffnotes

In May Alterna Comics is releasing four comics in their first newsprint run. The featured comics for this first run are Adam Wreck, Amazing Age, Croak, and Lilith Dark. These four will have a limited edition run of their entire series, starting with issue one in the coming month. Here’s your review of all four in one quick and easy place.

Adam Wreck #1 introduces readers to Adam, the son of famous geniuses Albert and Betty Wreck. He’s been stuck with just his parents for two years on the Earth 1, a ship exploring the universe in search of intelligent life. After complaining about being cooped up with nothing to do something interesting finally happens, evil space pirates! Adam finds himself alone on a planet, but when he loses contact with his parents he finds himself in a tentacled heap of trouble. A mysterious Captain Voric saves him and the two strike up an interesting deal. Voric will look out for Adam and help him find his parents, but only if he helps him find the mysterious Trillion Star. This is a fun sci-fi story perfect for readers of all ages. Adam is a cute kid, who finds himself in a strange situation and I can’t wait to see how he and Captain Voric get along as they search for the Trillion Star.


Amazing Age #1 is a wonderfully meta comic book. It opens with J.E.T., a superhero trio created by a young boy named Sam. The fictional heroes are superhero versions of Sam and his two best friends, Mike and Violet. Like many superheroes tragedy befalls Sam and he stops creating comics and drifts apart from his friends. In the present the three distant friends each receive a very mysterious gift, professionally published looking versions of Sam’s Amazing Age comic. As soon as they begin reading they’re sucked inside and are suddenly in Sam’s superhero world. I love the fact that this comic is a comic about a comic. It’s also wonderful to see the professionally drawn panels shift into crayon drawings. I’m really excited to see what happens to the three now that they’re in the world of Amazing Age.


I’ve reviewed Croak #1 and Lilith Dark #1 previously for The Nerdy Girl Express and I’ve linked the reviews here, but I can guarantee that their newsprint runs will bring an added element of delight to your read.

croak1    ld1

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