Fangirl Freakouts: @SwerveSeries Season 2 Indiegogo from @kleffnotes

I loved Swerve Season 1 and I desperately need more episodes of this webseries. This Fangirl Freakouts is to share how you can make this possible and why you should support the growth of this amazing show. Continue reading “Fangirl Freakouts: @SwerveSeries Season 2 Indiegogo from @kleffnotes”

#Supernatural The Future S12Ep19 directed by @AmandaTapping via @stacyamiller85 @cw_spn #SPN

Naomi was an angel who directed Castiel (Misha Collins) in Season 8 to protect the Angel Tablet. Now, Castiel is going to receive different direction from Naomi or rather from Amanda Tapping who played her. Tapping is taking over the director’s helm in the Supernatural episode airing April 27.

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#Riverdale Reactions Comics! ( @CW_Riverdale @WriterRAS ) from @kleffnotes

With no new Riverdale last week it seemed like the perfect time to talk about the Riverdale comic series that will tie into the tv show. Find out a bit of what happened in issue one, I’ve reviewed the one shot intro issue before, and why fans need to read it in this week’s reaction video. Continue reading “#Riverdale Reactions Comics! ( @CW_Riverdale @WriterRAS ) from @kleffnotes”

#iZombie Co-Creator Diane Ruggiero-Wright Interview with @kleffnotes ( @iZombieWriters @rugz19 )

It was a dark and stormy night, seriously a pop thunderstorm poured down moments before I called talented writer and Co-Creator of iZombie Diane Ruggiero-Wright. After a couple of tech glitches, a little bit of puppy pee, and a wonderful conversation about detective television shows I was able to pick the brain of one of the people behind the creation of the show that brought the writers of The Nerdy Girl Express together.

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Brain Food from @kleffnotes: Super Spicy Soup ( @iZombieWriters @CWiZombie )

This week in my brainy kitchen I wanted to find a way to celebrate Rahul Kohli’s double feature event on The CW. On Monday of this week he appeared in an episode of Supergirl and he was back on Tuesday as Ravi in iZombie. For my weekly brain I decided to meld a bit of iZombie with Supergirl so we have Chinese takeout inspired brains. While potstickers might be Kara’s comfort food of choice I’m more of a soup girl myself so I present Super Spicy Soup. A quick and easy way to keep you from going full on zombie mode and fill you with the cozy warmth only a bit of soup can give you. Continue reading “Brain Food from @kleffnotes: Super Spicy Soup ( @iZombieWriters @CWiZombie )”