Wade of Aquitaine By: Ben Parris Book Review from @erinwise82

Book one of this 3 part series, I must say it was quite an introduction into the world Ben Parris has created. This historial fastasy novel opens your mind to all kinds of fascinating and terrifying situations.

For example: What would you do if you were a 23 year old insurance salesman with synesthesia? Don’t know what that is? It’s a disorder where your senses are kind of cross-wired, as in a fully grown bird conjures the taste of dark chocolate, and a young bird brings a scent of day lilies. That is exactly what Wade Linwood goes through everyday of his life…..on top of having carpal tunnel.  To help with the symptoms of both, he regularly sees Dr. Nesky, an acupuncturist.
On one strange day, Wade visits Dr. Nesky. While awaiting the doctor, Wade notices a quadriplegic female named Kreindel. As she notices him she begins to gain a bit of muscle control, which pisses her father off as he says, ” her face never changes”. Right after, he is called in the office and begins receiving his treatment. During the treatment, he is propelled into the past(?), to the lands of some sort of leather worker. That result shocked Wade,as it would us all. That’s just the beginning of the awesomely weird. Later at work, Wade has his hand slammed in a glass door… his best thought was to grab a piece of the broken glass and do a little acupuncture himself. Finding the “sweet spot” above his heel, he thrusts himself back to that very same leather worker’s land.
Wade quickly learns he’s not in Kansas anymore, Toto (he’s really from NY lol). The leather worker is Olich the Dyer, and Wade, well, Wade is in 813 C.E. in Swabia in the Frankish Kingdom……the year is during the fall of the Byzantine Empire and the rise of the Middle Ages….
Trying to make his way through the harsh lands of the past….murder…theft….etc…..Wade meets a fellow synesthete, Kreindia, who uses her abilities for an oracular like power…which​ of course is seen as witchcraft in those​ days. Not long after meeting, Kreindia is separated from Wade by a mission to heal an ill Emperor.
The ending will have you begging for the sequel….which I just happen to have in my hands right now. Don’t worry guys, I have a Book 2 review for you guys as well!!!
This type of novel is one of my favorites! I absolutely adore history and I just love me some fantasy, put both together and I’m in heaven. My little nerd heart’s dream.
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