#TheOriginals Season 4 Released in US on @Netflix via @stacyamiller85 @cworiginals @JosephMorgan

The Originals Season 4 comes to Netflix with the US release.

In Season 4 of The Originals, the Mikalesons return to New Orleans after five years away and rescue Klaus (Joseph Morgan) who had been held prisoner by Marcel (Charles Michael Davis).  But Klaus’ surrogate son wasn’t the only threat the vampire family faced.  An evil entity known as The Hollow sought to control the city.  Klaus got to know daughter Hope (Summer Fontana) and proved to be a good father. And as the season ended, the Mikalesons made the ultimate sacrifice; destroying their cherish bond of “Always and Forever” to save Hope from The Hollow.

Season 4 contains thirteen episodes: Gather Up The Killers, No Quarter, Haunter of Ruins, Keepers of the House, I Hear You Knocking, Nag of Cobras, High Water and a Devil’s Daughter, Voodoo in my Blood, Queen Death, Phantomesque, A Spirit Here That Won’t Be Broken, Voodoo Child, The Feast for All Sinners

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