DIY Temporary Tattoo Art by K. L. Cao Book Review ( @simonschuster )from @kleffnotes

Looking to add a bit of fun and color to your look this summer? Always thought about getting a tattoo, but not sure just what to do? Then you definitely need to check out this inventive new book from K.L. Cao, DIY Temporary Tattoo Art: Easy Step-By-Step Instructions for Watercolor, Henna, Flash Tattoos, and More!

K. L. Cao is a popular YouTuber who creates weekly DIY videos for her hundreds of thousands of subscribers. In Temporary Tattoo Art she shares a variety of fun DIY projects for anyone who wants to add a creative accent to their look with a variety of artistic body art tutorials. These range from henna art and floral designs to temporary makeup tinting and elaborate nail designs. Cao presents something for everyone in this perfect for the summer collection.

The instructions she provides are simple and straightforward, and as someone who frequently gets confused by DIY instructions I can promise you that they are so simple even I could figure them out. In her introduction Cao explains how to prepare your skin for doing body art and gives tips and suggestions for how to make sure you don’t have any adverse reactions. She also lays out the variety of supplies you might need as you go through the different projects and within each specific design gives you a larger breakdown of everything you will need to make them work. The back of the book also provides you with a number of templates that you can scan onto temporary tattoo paper in case you’re like me and aren’t super talented in the freehand drawing department.

Cao provides you with looks that can work for day and night festivals and events, some of which even glow in the dark. A few of my favorite projects include her pressed flowers design, which literally uses real flowers and will make you look like a fairy princess, which I think is pretty awesome. She also has a few glitter designs, one involves using a unicorn pattern from the back of the book and results in a pretty epic side or stomach piece. If you are looking to try something a bit more low key her section on eyebrow and lip tinting helps you create your own long lasting stain so you won’t have to worry about reapplying your makeup while you are enjoying your night out. You can even find video tutorials for the flowers art and the mask look mentioned in the book if you want to watch someone do them before you try your hand at them.

Temporary Tattoo Art is the perfect book for anyone who wants to try out new looks this summer. You can either try these out by yourself or get a group of your friends together and experiment with each of the sections until you find the perfect style for your event.

You can find Temporary Tattoo Art: Easy Step-By-Step Instructions for Watercolor, Henna, Flash Tattoos, and More! in stores or on Amazon.

K.L. Cao is on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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