In a Daze Work by Siobhán Gallagher Book Review ( @penguinrandom )from @kleffnotes

Siobhán Gallagher has created a fun and inventive way for adults to choose their own adventures in her book In a Daze Work: A Pick-Your-Path Journey Through the Daily Grind. I enjoyed reading this book so much that not only did I go through multiple daily adventure storylines, but I also read it all the way through to make sure I didn’t miss a single page.

In a Daze Work begins at your home where you are slowly beginning to wake up for the day. Gallagher writes such a wonderful depiction of that moment between being asleep and awake that it immediately drew me in. You first get to choose whether you are waking up on a weekday or during the weekend and depending on your initial choice you are provided with a variety of situations and events. Gallagher uses wonderful moments of humor to make each moment of the day a delight, even a terrible date that you could find yourself on depending on your choices. I actually found myself laughing out loud when I found an ending where you accidentally die because you jaywalked. That might seem a bit morbid, but for anyone who used to read Choose Your Own Adventure books there was at least one arc where you died based on one specific choice.

The illustrations for In a Daze Work are such a delight and they fit so well with Gallagher’s dialogue. She creates fake book titles and product names that are just so great. My favorite one of these was the book “Well, Well, Well by Baby Jessica.” I also found myself connecting to this fictional version of myself remarkably easily. She creates someone who is not a perfect person, but has all the same doubts and worries that you do that it feels like she’s honestly writing this specifically for you. If you are struggling to “adult,” a pro at life, or just looking for some fun you definitely need to read this gem of a book.

In a Daze Work: A Pick-Your-Path Journey Through the Daily Grind is out today and can be ordered on the Penguin Random House site.

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