The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Life Book Review ( @adamsmedia ) from @kleffnotes

Jennifer Byrne’s The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Life uses her humorous writing style to share tips and tricks for accomplishing some high level adulting with a low amount of energy. If you’d rather spend your days planning out Netflix binges and your evenings laying on your couch in your holiest leggings this is the perfect book for you. Even if you are a slightly more on the ball and tidy person, Byrne has some great tips for getting through some unexpected or stressful moments that might interrupt your typically organized life too.

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Life is broken into five key sections: Looking Presentable, Sucking Up Social Situations, Finding Love and Having Sex, Half-Ass-ing It at Home, and Dragging Yourself Through the Workday. This breakdown works perfectly and makes specific questions you might have easy to find. There is also a very detailed index at the back of the book in case you suddenly find yourself needing to know how to handle over plucked eyebrows or having someone over for coffee when your kitchen looks a bit like a horror movie set. Byrne’s humorous tone throughout her book is so relatable that you will feel like you’ve found your own personal lazy girl support group.

The section Looking Presentable has some great tips for giving yourself a super quick manicure before you run out the door that is definitely doable for even someone with the busiest schedule and I really wish I had read her advice on how to make your hair look longer while you are growing it out. I admit there were a number of terrible styling choices that could have been avoided if I had ever thought about getting some temporary extensions. Byrne also has advice on figuring out if you should get that tattoo you want, which I am sure a number of people would be interested in trying out before committing to the real deal.

You know you’d much rather hangout and eat cheesy snacks in your pajamas, but being an adult means having to occasionally interact with other human beings. Byrne’s discusses how to handle a broad spectrum of social interactions that will help you out whenever you find yourself in a bit of a bind. She has tips for things like how to handle running into someone who recognizes you, but you totally can’t remember ever seeing them in your entire life, what to do if your best work friend gets a promotion and you aren’t sure how to handle it, and how to throw a last minute dinner party. There is such a wide variety of tips that anyone could use this section, even if you aren’t a lazy girl.

If you are currently in the dating game, or at least considering dipping your toe in that pond, the third section of this book is the perfect primer before you even set up any first dates. Byrne breaks down some easy ways to get out of an awful date, how to cope with your partner’s parents, and what to do if you just aren’t in the mood. For some of these there are hilarious examples and solutions that, even if you don’t need the tips, are a delight to read. I will point out that this section is written with women who are actively looking to date men in mind, but some of these tips could be geared toward dating anyone, even though the default pronouns used are he and him.

In her last two sections Byrne discusses having an organized home and work life. These two realms sometimes blur a little bit in the event that you have the ability to work from home. Her cleaning and organizing tips are exceptionally useful and even point out some super easy things that you probably hadn’t even considered. I had never thought about how the color of furniture could impact how large a space looks or that you could just use your dishwasher to briefly hide even your non-dishwasher safe dirty dishes until your company leaves. Byrne’s work tips also provide some great information, including some great ideas for resume and cover letter writing.

If you are a lazy girl or just looking for some helpful advice on how to balance your busy life you need to read Jennifer Byrne’s The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Life. It’s available in hardback as well as ebook and you can find it online today.

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