#DoctorWho Myths and Legends Book Review from @kleffnotes

Travel through the galaxies of Doctor Who in the upcoming release Doctor Who: Myths and Legends from Richard Dinnick in this otherworldly book that blends mythical stories with the exciting world of The Doctor. This book is being released on September 26th in a special International edition for those of us who love reading a physical book and just happen to live on this side of the pond. Dinnick expands upon the worlds of the beloved BBC science fiction series by creating his own characters who have either personally met The Doctor or are from alien races that we’ve seen throughout the course of the series.

The stories within Doctor Who: Myths and Legends retell tales of the Greeks, Romans, and in one case the Egyptians, with an alien twist. Dinnick makes these stories his own by creating multifaceted characters who emulate the ancient heroes upon whom they are based, but still feel like a modern Who-niverse character who could appear in any episode. The Doctor himself does not play a prominent role in many of these stories, but he does make a few appearances, predominantly Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor and John Hurt’s War Doctor. The adaptation of these characters in Dinnick’s work are remarkably well done and I could picture both men as vividly as though I were watching these stories on my television. John Hurt’s appearance is presented with a surprising twist that hints at events that occurred within The Day of The Doctor, but have not yet occurred in the timeline of the man who finds himself experiencing some unexpected time travel with the War Doctor.

Of the wonderful stories presented by Dinnick I would like to highlight three of my favorites. I have already mentioned one of my favorite stories in my discussion of John Hurt within this work, “Pandoric’s Box.” This is the final story in the book and shows Rassilon, the President of the Time Lords, at a crossroads during what feels like an unwinnable war. Having the War Doctor within this story was so captivating and as the Doctor we have seen the least of, it was wonderful to watch a version of him interacting with other Time Lords. In “Defiance of the New Bloods” we meet a unit of four very special Sontarans who have been created as individuals outside of the traditional Sontaran clone mold. These four beings wish to help their race, but find themselves being ridiculed and mistrusted based on their personalities and individual natures. Inspired by the myth of Prometheus this intriguing story shows the evolution of an alien race that I did not expect.

The Ice Warriors of Mars appear within “The Jeopardy of Solar Proximity,” which is based on Daedalus and Icarus. Skaldak, the Grand Marshal, is leading an attack against a force of Daleks. I had initially expected a war story, but I found myself struck by the beauty of the relationship between Skaldak and his daughter Iclar, who is also fighting within this Dalek battle. As they attempt to achieve victory over the Daleks, tragedy strikes and I actually found myself tearing up at the moment shared between Skaldak and Iclar. Not only are the stories themselves wonderfully written, but the companion illustrations from Adrian Salmon bring life to the variety of characters and worlds collected within Doctor Who: Myths and Legends.

You can currently purchase Doctor Who: Myths and Legends for Kindle and will be able to order the hardcopy edition in the United States tomorrow, September 26th.

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