Sweet Dreams, Sweet Death: An Amy Lynch Investigation Review from @kleffnotes

A destination wedding in sunny Key West is suddenly shrouded in tragedy when guests begin to fall ill and even die after partaking in a small patch of specialty key lime petit fours. The hotel wishes to quickly wrap up this horrific incident by settling with the families involved, but this sort of case needs an investigation. Amy Lynch, exceptionally focused insurance investigator, finds herself in charge of determining whether her company will need to pay out or if there is something more sinister behind the horrific events at the Beaux Reves Hotel.

Sweet Dreams, Sweet Death introduces us to Amy Lynch, who was inspired by the life of author P.K. Norton, an insurance investigator who has a keen eye for details and the foresight to dig in deep on her cases. Amy finds herself caught up in even more drama than she ever could have anticipated once she arrives at the Beaux Reves. Donald Magnussen, the hotel manager, insists that the case is handled and that the responsible party has already been let go. She refuses to let this seemingly too simple story go and begins examining every aspect of the case, which takes her throughout Key West. As she digs deeper Amy learns that there have been a number of mysterious deaths, some of which involve people closely connected to the Beaux Reves investigation. The more she investigates the more questions Amy has and when she thinks she’s getting close to an answer the danger around her dramatically escalates.

P.K. Norton develops her character not only as an investigator, but she also focuses on Amy’s connection to Key West itself. During the course of the novel her main character is coping with the fact that her fiancé Danny died there three years prior in an unexpected accident. She felt the case was bungled and has yet to find closure. Her current boyfriend, Pete, has come along for the trip and as she works to discover the secrets surrounding the wedding at the Beaux Reve, she also tries to work through her own feelings for Pete and the connection she still feels to Danny in Key West. Their relationship is tested throughout the novel, but watching Amy work through her past and her present relationships is an exceptionally well done addition.

I am a huge fan of mystery novels and was very intrigued by this series. Sweet Dreams, Sweet Death is an exceptionally quick read and according to my mom, who happens to be the person that got me hooked on murder mysteries to being with, it would be considered a cozy. This is the sort of book you can curl up with for an evening and enjoy. While typically I suppose murder wouldn’t be considered a light topic, P.K. Norton provides you with an easy read that will keep you guessing until the big reveal. I would definitely recommend this for murder mystery lovers as well as for those who like a bit of intrigue in their romance. You can find this series on Amazon today!

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