The Book of Awesome Women Book Review from @kleffnotes

The history we have all been taught is often very focused on male heroes and the things that men have accomplished. While the field of history has attempted to diversify there are still issues concerning representation of multiple minority groups. Becca Anderson attempts to correct this issue with her work The Book of Awesome Women, which focuses on women from diverse backgrounds and upbringings and their many accomplishments. This exceptionally interesting work provides examples of hundreds of women spanning from ancient times into the modern day, who have accomplished great things.

The Book of Awesome Women is broken down into eight chapters that discuss women who have made major accomplishements in a variety of fields. Anderson features musicians, activists, athletes, rulers, and the list just goes on and on. She also devotes time to specifically highlighting the work of women of color both in the United States and in other countries. While there is a chapter set aside for women of color, Anderson also includes them throughout each chapter. As I read this work I was awed by the number of women I had never learned about especially since so many of them had achieved so much during their lifetimes. Within the chapters Anderson will highlight certain women with larger descriptions, but also provides lists of other women who relate to the central topic. Beyond that every person she mentions is given at least some sort of description to provide the reader with a better understanding of who this woman is and what she has done.

Reading this book filled me with happiness and I just felt so amazed by what the women within this book have accomplished. While I recognized a number them in certain sections I was just so wowed by the intense level of detail provided by Anderson throughout. It is impossible to pick a favorite chapter as each was so informative and provided me with so much new knowledge. This read is absolutely a must for anyone interested in history or even just looking to expand their knowledge in a meaningful way. Beyond her detailed work throughout the book Anderson provides a bibliography for those interested in doing additional research. She also includes a card you can submit at the end of the book to nominate women you think deserve to be recognized as awesome. I thought this was a wonderful idea and hope she receives a number of submissions. The Book of Awesome Women shares stories and triumphs that are not often mentioned in mainstream history and is something you absolutely need to check out.

You can find The Book of Awesome Women on sale now.

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