Forgotten Violets Book Review from @kleffnotes

Meadow Noone has been charged with a crime, but cannot remember anything about her past beyond the fact that she was previously being held captive. She and her two friends, Parker and Elizabeth, were attempting to escape from one dangerous situation when they were caught and brought to Thornbridge for their supposed crimes. The three of them are trying to make sense of what has happened to them and what they could possibly be guilty of. Forgotten Violets drops you into a fantasy world where you must try and piece together the clues Meadow finds to determine who she is and what is going on around her.

Martin Niewood’s debut work, Forgotten Violets, blends together elements of high fantasy with psychological intrigue. Meadow’s lack of knowledge of her past and the world around her heightens the level of drama for the reader. As she slowly begins to remember things more of her character is revealed, which in turn reveals more about Thornbridge and the magical world of The Domain. Everything happening to Meadow is so much darker and more sinister than it originally appears and it is important to not trust anyone that she comes in contact with. Even the nicest smile can hide the most malicious intentions.

Niewood’s story is full of twists and turns, which includes a reveal that I never expected. As Meadow’s character evolves there is so much more depth to what motivates her actions than you would initially expect. The world built within Forgotten Violets is exceptionally complex and could lead into a rich series. Currently this is the only book, but the ending does set up for what could be a very interesting sequel. I would recommend Forgotten Violets to fantasy and thriller fans who enjoy young adult stories.

You can find Forgotten Violets on sale now.

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