Bring Her Home Book Review from @kleffnotes

Still healing from the death of his wife a year and a half earlier, Bill Price is thrown into an emotional whirlwind when his teenage daughter Summer is found brutally beaten and left for dead in a local park. After rushing to the hospital to be with his daughter he learns that her best friend Haley was found dead at the scene. As he tries to learn what happened to his daughter Bill finds his entire life torn apart as the mystery surrounding this awful situation continues to change and evolve.

Bring Her Home, from bestselling author David Bell, is a masterwork of suspense that is full of emotional moments and jaw dropping reveals. The focal character Bill Price is dealing with so many emotions and following his journey throughout this novel is tremendously captivating. He is not a perfect man, but his temper is what actually leads the story along. Bill knows he is making poor decisions in his quest to find out what has happened to Summer and while those around him warn him to back down, he can’t stop himself. I could understand the anger bubbling inside of him that led him to do things that are critiqued as irrational by his sister Paige. The inclusion of his sister within the story as a calming factor provides a balanced element to his personal attempts at investigation.

As I began reading Bring Her Home I kept trying to guess what would happen next and what reveals would be made, but Bell makes guessing nearly impossible. There is an initial reveal that I will admit I did guess at, but there were subtle hints throughout Part One that I felt were leading up to it. Even though I could guess that small element I had no idea what it would lead into or just how much hinged on this small moment. Bell crafts a story that is full of moments that will shock you and keep you guessing until the very last page. He balances the intensely suspenseful plot perfectly with the growth of his main character, Bill. Throughout Bill’s attempts at investigation we begin to see him question choices he has made and really take stock of his behavior. I cannot recommend Bring Her Home enough as a beautifully written and engaging suspense novel.

You can find Bring Her Home on sale wherever books are sold.

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