Death at the Diogenes Club: A Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James Story Review from @kleffnotes

After the intense events of The Jubilee Problem, Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James return in the thrilling sequel Death at the Diogenes Club. This particular location is preferred by Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft, and this case falls closely within his political purview. Lucy and Sherlock both arrive at the Diogenes after a suspicious murder, which is of course far more complex than it appears.

General Pettigrew has died within the Diogenes Club and it appears as though he has been poisoned by a suspicious cup of coffee. Sherlock and Lucy refuse to believe that the case could be that simple and push to find out what has really happened. Lucy is doing her best to remain an exceptionally perceptive investigator, but is still dealing with the aftermath of the events at the Jubilee. It does not help that Lord Lansdowne, who hosted the previous party, is also involved in this case. As she copes with what happened to her that evening, she is also worried about Jack Kelly, the young police detective she loves, who was severely injured and is trying to recover physically. Beyond the murder a case of blackmail also arises in connection to the wife of one of the suspects and both Lucy and Jack try to work through their feelings for each other, which they are both keeping secret.

I absolutely adore the Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James series and have reviewed a number of other books in the series for The Nerdy Girl Express previously. Lucy James is a strong and confident heroine who utilizes the skills of her father, while also managing to connect emotionally with those around her. She cares deeply for the new family she is creating in London after growing up alone. Beyond her investigative work in Death at the Diogenes Club, she is also trying to share her feelings with Jack and work past fearing he would die in the previous novel. I cannot recommend this series enough to mystery lovers, Sherlock fans, and anyone looking for a story with a strong female lead. Death at the Diogenes Club is a wonderful addition to a strong and captivating series.

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